Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sarah Palin Tells Her Story about Mama Grizzlies


As if fading polls and more endangered candidates along with the economy in a wobbling mode, two wars building up the debt, a BP oil spill that may impact the USA for years to come, and a recent attack by the president on the State of Arizona new immigration law, what more could go wrong for Obama?

How about Sarah Palin coming on hard and strong leading her endorsed candidates to stunning surges in the polls? Now Palin has her own video telling her own story about the Momma Grizzlies and how women are needed in government.

Double click on the video to get full screen.

Even the liberal media are nervous about the power of her new video and are not about to take the usual cheap shots at Palin. After all this time they finally see her as a viable political force on the American scene, something voters knew long ago.

Watch for Palin to become more and more of a force in politics and for less and less nasty stories and smear campaigns against her. Palin has tapped into the concerns of disenfranchised voters and struck a nerve. Now she will really be heard.


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