Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obama Stops Drilling Again - Continues to Ignore Public Will - Is this the New World Order?


In spite of the fact the US Courts have ruled that a ban on all deep water drilling is not a legal response to the BP oil leak, Obama continues to try and use regulations to circumvent the court. In spite of his so called Constitutional Law background, he has established a pattern of using executive orders and regulatory law to circumvent the Constitution, Congress and Courts, a practice long detested by the public.

You would think he did not have Democratic control of the Congress in mind when he makes his supreme decisions to block Gulf oil drilling, or attempt to block the Arizona Immigration law. He has already used the EPA to issue emission regulations Congress refused to approve. He used an executive order to establish a Debt Commission the Senate refused to approve. He used executive orders to force union participation and wages on public projects, even in non-union states, which significantly increased the cost of the public works budgets.

It is almost as if he is practicing for being President of the New World Order where every government on Earth is superseded by a higher and more powerful entity. Heaven forbid if he is still trying to implement the Rothschild and Goldman Sachs dream of a worldwide socialistic system beholden to the dark and all powerful forces of a secret cartel using politicians as puppets, governments as their labor force, national banks as their personal bank accounts and control of the money supply to demand loyalty to the New World Order.

Over 225 years ago we were first warned by our forefathers of the dangers of a central and international banking cartel and the power they could hold over all governments and freedom. In the late 1700's the first attempt to control the US Treasury was successfully made by the Rothschilds and it was not until President Andrew Jackson forced it out of business that the USA controlled it's destiny. Such was the power of the international banking community that there was an assassination attempt on President Jackson.

By the time of the Civil War and Lincoln the international banks again made an effort to control the USA through money and arms sales, supplying both the Union and Confederate causes with money and guns. When Lincoln resisted the international cartel and their demands for outrageous interest on the loans and he received the help and backing of the Czar of Russia both Lincoln and the Czar were assassinated.

Other presidents opposed the gold standard manipulation and establishment of a federal bank and some lost their lives, others were forced from office. Finally the Federal Reserve was quietly established in the midst of a Congressional recess by Woodrow Wilson and the springboard for international control of the USA was in place.

To this day the Federal Reserve continues to print our money, without our regulation, without even an audit of what the Fed is doing to use our money to help other international causes which we may or may not agree with. With Obama spending our way into bankruptcy, the national debt is now expected to hit $14 trillion next year, and his efforts to undermine the congress and courts through his legal challenges, regulatory policy and executive orders, it is almost as if his agenda has nothing to do with protecting the USA or the integrity of the Constitution.

For those of you who doubt the enormous power of the international banking cartel or the House of Rothschild that controls the world economy, I am running once again an article I wrote about the history of the international banks and Rothschilds to remind us of what they have already accomplished. Look at their tactics and strategies and see if the USA under Obama is not playing right in to the financial traps they have set.

The massive Obama policy agenda and the radical swing toward socialism inherent in much of the policy has been rejected by the people, yet the administration has continued to defy the public will and continues to use regulatory actions and odd lawsuits to keep implementing the big government, huge deficits and massive increase in national debt.

Our Constitutional freedoms are not merely being challenged by this administration, they are being recklessly attacked on multiple fronts in spite of the public opposition. Someone inside the White House knows that our congress has been compromised by campaign money and greed and is in no position to defend the people from this assault on our freedoms. Congress has neither the guts nor the desire to fight for us. Do you?

Watch for the reprint of The Trillionaires Delight in the Coltons Point Times for the background on this issue.


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