Friday, July 30, 2010

Obama Presidential Spending Spree Continues - Despite Denials $4.45 million spent on polls


It is a time worn mantra of the White House regardless of who is sitting behind the Oval Office desk, that the president does not pay attention to polls but does what is right for the country. Do you buy that?

Both president Obama and press secretary Gibbs have consistently denigrated the media for having an obsession with political polls to measure the mood of the public. Their denials of being influenced by the polls makes for good political fodder but the truth tells an entirely different story.

Thanks to work by the Center for Responsive Politics the Obama White House has SHATTERED THE RECORD for presidential spending on polls, spending channeled through the Democratic National Committee that is the chief beneficiary of Obama fund raising efforts.

The Obama gang has spent an astounding $4.45 million on polls performed by seven different companies in just the first 18 months in office. During the same time period the Republican National Committee spent just $1 million on polls.

For comparison, during the first 18 months George Bush was president the RNC spent about $2.3 million, about half of the Obama expenditures. It is one thing to admit to spending the money, but the White House publicly scorns polls so there is no admission. Truth is a much harder pill to swallow.

Two White House aides, Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff, and David Axelrod, Political Director, are obsessed with polling and market research according to NBC White House reporter Chuck Todd but both have cleverly avoided making any statements about polls.

Of course there are no laws being broken since Obama attends $34,000 per ticket fund raisers for the DNC to pay the bills but isn't it about time they at least be honest with the people? Breaking spending records is a hallmark of the Obama administration while presiding over the worst economic crisis in our history ever since he spent nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS to be elected president.

Rather than deny the polls are being ordered by and circulated throughout the White House, just admit it and then read them and perhaps they will finally understand the pulse of the general public who are mad, upset with the direction of the country, and feel alienated by the White House.


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