Wednesday, July 28, 2010

America is Alright - In Spite of the Political Follies


As we brace ourselves for the fall elections and the national referendum on the Obama, Pelosi and Reid agenda there seems to be a ray of light shining on the people of America. Make no mistake, there is a lot of pain and suffering amongst the citizens but once again America has survived the politicians and the news media and will be just fine thank you very much.

Long ago astute politicians learned that America is not reflected by what happens inside the nation's beltway but in the cities and towns far removed from the Washington hype and egos. What is happening in those towns and cities is a far cry from the doom and gloom out of Washington and reported by the so called news media of Washington and New York.

In state after state people are forcing local politicians to make the hard choices about spending and taxes that seem foreign to the Washington politicians. Cut spending, balance the budgets and stimulate jobs are the priorities of Main Street and while the Washington politicians give token mention to these issues their performance unveils the hypocrisy and deceit of politics in America.

Pelosi pledges to drain the swamp in Washington of corruption while protecting the biggest corrupter in modern history, Charles Rangel, who headed the powerful Ways and Means Committee under Pelosi while under investigation for dozens of tax fraud and corruption charges. Right now a deal is being made to sweep the Rangel mischief under the carpet in order to protect the Democratic leadership and candidates from being caught up in the wave of corruption dominating Washington.

Obama pledges to fix our economy while relentlessly pursuing a spending agenda that has already generated the greatest increase in national debt in our history. This week he told fellow liberals he is not satisfied with the progress to date on social issues and will intensity his efforts to secure a liberal agenda to change America forever.

Nor is he satisfied with expanding Big Brother to dominate every aspect of our national agenda though he has already forfeited the independence of banks, insurance companies, the financial community, the health care industry, the auto industry, the oil industry and others in pursuit of the socialist dream of the redistribution of wealth among the classes.

His agenda was modeled from social experiments of the past that have been proven failures and in spite of widespread public opposition to his social agenda and his commitment to centralized government and federal control of every aspect of our lives, he seems blinded to the reality and indifferent to the will of the public.

Well Mr. President, if we wanted to give up our rights and freedoms in order to redistribute wealth and pander to socialism we would have voted to change the Constitution but that did not happen. Americans like the America our forefathers gave us, not the machine made, pattern stamped, assembly line mindless society you want us to be.

Our freedom comes first. Every day our young men and women in uniform are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect our way of life and you are not going to sacrifice their lives while sacrificing the American freedoms and Constitutional rights they are willing to die for to protect and the lives that many generations of Americans have already given so we might enjoy the fruits of individual freedom.

No, America has always survived the whims of the politicians and the efforts of the media to convince us there is a better way than what we have fought for and defended for over 234 years. We know the game you play and we know how to protect ourselves from falling into the traps you set. Come November 2 you will finally learn the truth. I hope you are ready for the message you will receive from Main Street via the most effective communication tool we have, the ballot of a free people.


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