Friday, July 09, 2010

MSNBC Concedes Obama and Democrats to Lose Control of House - Maybe Senate!


In a rare reversal of form MSNBC, the mouthpiece for the liberal Democrats controlling the White House and Congress, held a "Midterm Exam" on the upcoming elections and spokesman Chris Matthews declared that a failure by Republicans to win control of the House and maybe the Senate would be a major loss for the Republicans. What nonsense!

In political jargon we call this strategy "covering your a--" in that while accepting a major defeat in advance, the loss of majority status, you try to make any gains by the Republicans that amount to less than majority control a defeat. Where I come from any gains by the Republicans over the current status is a win, plain and simple.

Unfortunately there is nothing plain and simple in national media and political prognostication and Chris Matthews declaring the GOP fails if it does not take control is more a signal from the White House that they cannot stop the hemorrhage, they are now into damage control and trying to minimize the incredible fall from grace experienced by Obama, formerly the most popular new president in recent memory.

As his favorable polls drift toward the 30's for the first time, and his massive liberal agenda is on the table when the nation is clearly demanding to be governed from the middle, the Obama policy is in trouble. What they don't want you to know is that GOP control over either the House or Senate, such as Nancy Pelosi gained back in 2006, would give the Republicans subpoena power for the first time since Obama took office.

If the GOP controls either the House or Senate the Obama administration could no longer hide behind the Democratic party leadership knowing the Democrats do not have the guts to investigate the actions of Obama or his staff from the campaign through his presidency. You see, our Transparent President has been anything but transparent and his continued partisan attacks on the GOP are a smoke screen to hide the fear that losing the subpoena control could expose himself, his campaign and his administration to scrutiny under the microscope.

The Democratic leadership has been quite artful dodgers when it comes to hiding the sins of the Majority party and the Obama Chicago machine. There are many unanswered questions concerning Obama and the left wing, Obama and his questionable associates, Obama and Rahm Emanuel and their relationship to Goldman Sachs from long before he became president, the relationship between Obama and the powerful drug lobby of the pharmaceutical and health care industry, Wall Street and the Obama gang, the use of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to destroy the economy, and you get it.

If the House were taken over by Republicans they would appoint Chairmen and control the Congressional committees for the first time since Obama was elected, and be able to use the powerful subpoena process to compel answers to questions ignored by the media.

Of course part of the posturing by MSNBC may come from the fact they were being isolated far to the left of the mainstream media and in danger of becoming the poster boys for radical media manipulation of the real Obama legacy. That might please the NBC liberals on the air but it is a concern to the business managers and bean counters who sold the NBC network to cable giant Comcast, a sale still pending.

MSNBC ratings have been stagnate at best as their hero Obama has collapsed in the polls. Fox News under Roger Ailes continues to dominate all the MSNC programming in all time slots in Nielsen ratings.

If you were buying NBC would you want a flagship for the left wing like MSNBC that is losing ratings or a cash cow like Fox that caters to the middle and right leaning public? Television ratings are all about money pure and simple.

With 81% of Republicans and 54% of Independents opposed to Obama policies, and the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign money to Obama and the Democrats drying up because Obama has double-crossed his Wall Street contributors, along with double crossing labor, teachers unions, Black organizations, Hispanic organizations and even liberal and environmental groups, it's no wonder his favorable rating is suffering a free fall.

Don't be fooled as MSNBC continues to drift toward the center-right, they are really the mantle bearer for left wing policy and no matter how hard they try to mask it, Obama is their candidate and represents their agenda. No one on MSNBC speaks for the center-right including closet conservative Joe Scarborough who takes great liberty telling us what Republicans and conservatives think while being clueless about what Main Street America thinks.

This election and the next in 2012 are not about Republicans or Democrats, they are about Independents and fiscal conservatives. They are driving the move to the center, driving the effort to stop budget deficits, and driving the move to reduce the deficit. We are on a runaway train into oblivion if we cannot control the largest deficit spending in our history put forward by Obama and the Democrat majority. The people, not the parties are fixing the mess. It is a lesson still ignored by the media and politicians in Washington.


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