Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Breakdown of Morality in America - Have we Gone Too Far to Recover?


Main Street America must be wondering what happened to the United States of America? There is nothing united about America anymore and nothing but more and more signs of the destruction of any hope for being united.

Political parties have led the way and both are at fault. It is almost impossible to find a politician no matter what party who is willing to tell the truth about our nation and there is no chance they will tell the truth about each other.

Once upon a time political opponents like Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill would go at each other in debate and then get together for a drink after. Gone are the days of civility in politics and gone are the days of truth. Both parties daily make exaggerated claims about their policies that are never fact checked by the media. Spinning the truth is far more prevalent than telling the truth.

The news media, supposedly the defenders of truth and protector of the people long ago became a tool for politicians and a whore for the corporate interests trying to take advantage of the public. We have, plain and simple, the best news money can buy and that is the truth. News is bought and sold and truth is a secondary issue.

As for the government, it no longer serves the public interest but the special interests. Congress and the president are owned by special interests and will be as long as billions of dollars are needed to feed the campaign appetites of our politicians. No one in Washington is talking about campaign reform and it is the only way to rid politics and government of special interest control. War is acceptable while helping the poor is a burden.

Greed dominates our culture from education to health care and career choices are based on what is in it for me, not how can I help people. Once upon a time non-profit organizations and churches were the primary force in helping people but they are rapidly disappearing from the social, health and human needs of our society. As they fade into the history books so does the mindset that people have a responsibility to help people whenever possible.

Churches are measured by their success in drawing crowds and generating donations rather than saving souls and fighting for the invisible Americans. Charity used to be freely given but now it comes with a price tag.

Sexual promiscuity used to be bad but now it dominates advertising in all media and has led the American public from a society of values to a society of need and greed. The disease of pedophiles has reached epidemic proportions with hundreds of thousands roaming the land and Internet. There is no cure yet our justice system continues to let them loose to prey on innocent children.

Sales of illegal child pornography rakes in an estimated $3 billion a year in the U.S. The industry enslaves an estimated 300,000 children. In America 1 in 4 females will be sexually assaulted before they reach the age of 18 and 1 in 6 males will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18.

As for the Internet, it represents the greatest advancement in the growth of pedophiles, pornography, sexual deviation and human slave trafficking in the history of mankind. The lack of regulation, the early success of pornography and the compromising of social sites by sex predators has resulted in an explosion of moral decay.

Some Startling Internet User Statistics:

20% of children are solicited for sex (by either adults or other children) each year

67 of those arrested for Internet crimes against children also possessed child pornography

25% of children who receive sexual solicitations online tell their parents

89% of online sexual solicitations are received in chat rooms or on Instant Messengers

13 million children use Instant Messaging

Yet the moral degradation is felt in many others ways as well. We promote the rape of the earth through the obsession with petroleum, coal, minerals, diamonds, uranium, water and countless other natural resources. We destroy our ecosystem by leveling rainforests and over fishing our oceans.

Achievement is measured in assets and excess with accumulation of wealth the goal, not the protection of natural resources. We buy and sell land that was never ours to begin with and absorb resources faster than they can be acquired.

As a civilization we have adopted goals and standards with no relationship to good or moral quality. Our technological advances have removed the parents from parenting and the teachers from teaching and now every forbidden secret is exposed on the Internet, cell phones, text messages and videos unedited and sexually explicit.

Our movies glamorize sexual deviation and a breakdown of morality while our television programs make deviant, even criminal behavior an acceptable lifestyle. The state of moral decay in America makes stories of decadent cities in the Bible seem almost innocent. Sodom and Gomorra are commonplace cities in today's world.

We are in serious trouble. We are far more advanced toward moral collapse than any civilization in previous history yet no one is shouting alarm. We have met all the requirements of all types of prophecy to be at the End Times, to be in the midst of the Quickening and fast approaching the Purification when the spiritual forces must come forward to alter the fatal course of humanity.

Our institutions and our leaders are so caught up in the game they cannot see the truth. Greed and need has so captured the psyche of America that those souls wanting to do good have difficulty finding like minded souls who share their dream. Are you prepared for a spiritual intervention of epic proportions like predicted? Maybe it is time you consider what is really important to your salvation.


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