Monday, July 19, 2010

Liberals Demand GOP Ideas while Democrats Fail to Pass a Budget - Who is being honest?


As summer drags on and we continue to be hit by record heat waves it seems as if the temperature in people has turned up as well. Here just south of our nation's capitol we have had 35 days over 90 degrees this year and this week we are forecast to get 4 more days over 90 degrees. Last summer we got a total of 22 days over 90 degrees.

It seems the hotter we get the more goofy the politicians and media get when it comes to reporting stories and telling the truth. Maybe it would do us well to review some of the more glaring untruths being bantered around by our "informed" media.

First there is the constant droning by NBC and MSNBC commentators and reporters along with other liberal media about the fact the Republicans are not offering any potential solutions to Obama legislation nor are they identifying ways to cut the budget.

This criticism has come from David Gregory, Chuck Todd, Rachael Maddox, Chris Matthews, even reporters like Norah O'Donnell and others who really should know better than to spout off such untruths. Since all of the NBC/MSNBC people are supposed to have extensive political experience their demand that the Republicans come forward with proposals for new legislation and budget cuts right now are silly.

I too have been involved in politics including over 30 political campaigns at the local, state and national levels including House, Senate and presidential races. No where in the political strategy handbooks is there a rule that says when journalists demand answers you have to give it to them. In fact a political campaign that caters to the whims of the media is probably doomed to failure in the first place.

Campaigns are complex undertakings guided by the principle they must peak on election day, not one day before. All work in the campaigns from the grassroots to the media buys must adhere to this principle. In America we already have campaigns that run far too long to maintain the public interest and enthusiasm.

Thus timing in every aspect of the campaign will dictate the success of any proposals to the public. The summer months between the primary and general elections is often referred to as the dead zone when people are tired of the politics and want a break before the fall elections. They deserve such a break.

Campaigns that release political positions and budget cuts during the summer months are stupid, unless the candidate is unknown and needs the media attention. Media people who go on the air during the summer blasting the campaigns for not giving them the answers they seek are equally stupid because they know better and are trying to mislead the public.

News must be slow right now because the NBC and MSNBC gang is on the air every day demanding answers from the Republicans. If a Republican were president right now there would be media favoring the GOP who would be demanding answers from the Democrats so both the liberal and conservative media are equally guilty of being stupid.

The fall election swings into high gear after Labor Day and if there are going to be new legislative proposals or recommended budget cuts they will be introduced after that time. In the meantime the media should give us a break and stop demanding something that is not forthcoming. It would be nice if the media were also honest and didn't act as if the Republicans were hiding something from the public. NBC and MSNBC are preoccupied with helping Obama and getting Democrats elected, plain and simple.

The real truth of the matter is this. The Democrats control congress and the presidency. The Democrat leadership has not even attempted to pass a budget this year. If the ruling party does not have the guts to pass a budget, then the media should demand answers from them first. Of course that won't happen since any budget by the Democrats would include record deficit spending and a record increase in the national, debt. The liberal media does not want to talk about that.

So let NBC and MSNBC continue with the Obama cover up and keep trying to hide from the public the fact the Democrats, who owe us the budget since they are in control, have failed to be honest with the public. People know those who are not honest and those who cover up for those who are not honest. The ratings for MSNBC are the clearest measure of the honesty of the people and MSNBC is mired deep in the ratings cellar where they belong.


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