Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alzheimer Epidemic Sweeps Nation's Capitol - Politicians Fall Victim


Someone better call the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta and tell them there is a stunning epidemic of Alzheimers sweeping Washington, D.C., because if there isn't then there are a whole lot of people of all ages, Democrats and Republicans, White House people to bureaucrats, special interests to Wall Street interests, who have suddenly lost the ability to tell the truth.

It has gotten so serious it makes one long for a Jim Carrey character from the movie Liar, Liar to show up and start telling the truth no matter what. Could you imagine politicians who could never lie? Things have gotten so bad that if God were to destroy the sinners like some Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah then you better not look back like Lot lest you be turned into a pillar of salt.

Washington would be obliterated from the earth along with all the liars, fornicators, thieves and predators because if you wiped them out would there be anybody left? This epidemic is unusual as Alzheimers is generally a disease for seniors, and though many, many seniors from our old and ancient Congress are certainly present as we are reminded everyday when their chiseled faces are thrust into the cameras and they blurt out more untruths, the disease has also reached to the younger ones as well.

CDC might say the disease has mutated to the young since people like the president and his staff seem young although in this television age make up can often make an old person look young. And there is the question of the president's missing birth certificate. Yet these young types also seem to have gotten swept up into the epidemic. What a sad state of affairs.

Of course the media continues to exploit the disease ridden and to encourage them with never ending droll interviews, incessant exploitation of the twisted truths that pour forth from their mouths in the form of sound bytes, and the senseless analysis of the elite media personalities.

Democrats lie about the liar Republicans. Republicans counter lie about the lying Democrats. Obama seems to have completely forgotten the thousand promises he made during his campaign. Democrats forgot that Clinton people changed the rules on the economy to open the floodgates to crooks on Wall Street.

The crooks on Wall Street who formally ran the White House seem to have forgotten what they did in 1999 even though Clinton, who might have suffered the same disease when president but seems to be over it now that he is gone, apologized recently for letting his people change the rules for Wall Street, yet his people who changed the rules blame it on Bush.

Of course the Democrats like Dodd say the Republicans are protecting Wall Street when Goldman Sachs made sure the Democrats were the chief beneficiary of the Wall Street largess. Isn't that like lining the pockets of the people pointing the finger at everyone else. And where did Dodd get the huge discounted mortgages on his property?

According to Republicans Obama is responsible for the deficit, yet Obama and the Democrats say the Republicans are responsible. Aren't both responsible? Bush generated $5-7 trillion, now Obama has tripled it. I say the crippling deficit is the legacy of both parties and both presidents but only Jim Carrey would agree with me.

Obama demands the Republicans be open and transparent on the financial reform bill. Just like he was open and transparent on the health care reform bill I suppose. Right... Just like he scorns Wall Street but he and the Democrats received millions of dollars from the Wall and he even received a million from Goldman Sachs, but the facts don't really count.

If nothing else we have finally got total equality in our nation's capitol. All are about equal in the art of producing titillating sound bytes with no basis in fact, of spinning elocution to the point of making facts untrue, and of accusing their opponents of being the twisted ones. Truth in Washington has slipped into the political cesspool and the only smart Americans left are the ones who ignore all that goes on in the epicenter of politicians.

It almost seems as if Hollywood studios have bought our nation's capitol and converted it into a set for the next blockbuster film, an epic struggle between good and evil, the site of the new Armageddon, and all we are waiting for is Michael the Archangel to come flying in with his flaming sword to annihilate all of the wicked ones and give America back to the people.

The news media could stop the Alzheimers epidemic if they weren't so caught up in keeping things stirred up in a last, desperate attempt to hike rating and increase newspaper sales but neither seems to be working as more and more people turn away from the once proud medium. Right now psychics and channels have as much chance of telling the truth as the news media but only people outside the beltway know it.

One day soon the cable news networks will declare the workings of the White House and Congress as the new reality show in America since there hasn't been a real honest reality show on TV in years. When people finally realize that the only value left in the Alzheimer inflicted wheezers in Washington is a couple of hours of entertainment nightly, then all might be well.

At least we know the current round of Alzheimers might end with the fall elections. Then maybe the people of America will finally get a break. Let's hope at that time we will finally get campaign reform, ethics laws, conflict of interest laws, and truth or it will be a long 21st century.


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