Friday, April 23, 2010

Day After Earth Day Update


Now that we have honored Earth Day it is time to take a look back at our non-earth activity. First, we reported in an earlier issue of CPT about the strange sky circle that I photographed from my front porch here at Coltons Point. The pictures looked like this.

Well I was not alone as there were other sky circles seen around the world. Here are video reports from of ones in Moscow, Russia and Syracuse, Utah.

So what does it all mean? Who knows? But I also showed the zoom
on one of the contrails that cut through the sky circle and there was a silver ball, not a plane causing the trail. This is what it looked like.

In my earlier report I told about the greatest flurry of UFO sightings in America that took place along the Potomac south of Washington, DC in 1952 and it was well documented by the Air Force and Andrews Air Force Base just up the road from me. The military reports talked of silver spheres shaped like balls.

Now take a look at recent NASA video of the sun, using some of the new camera technology. Hummm, there appears to be silver balls observing the sun where it should be too hot for anything to exist.

Maybe we should add an Unearth Day the day after Earth day. At a minimum it is a rather humbling thought. Finally I have been writing about increased sun spot activity and the changes in our weather. Yesterday NASA released the newest camera shots of the sun and we are finally getting exceptional shots of the sun spots.


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