Monday, April 26, 2010

Do Special Interests Really Serve Special Interests?


In this day of burgeoning special interest bureaucracies there are times when it seems the special interests have only one interest in mind and it is not what they proclaim. Oh yes they claim to address all those problems, perceived problems, and yet to be perceived problems of humanity and many even get a tax exemption for doing it under their banner. But does that mean it is their real purpose?

I wonder if some are more interested in survival, the old game of bureaucratic survival, than bringing a resolution to the causes they advocate. Take for example health care where there seem to be more special interests out to make America healthy than in practically any other endeavor.

Every disease has champions, most are non-profit groups fighting for the health of the public. Yet many are financed by the very pharmaceutical company who makes the drugs to control the disease. Clearly many of them want to prolong your treatment, in other words make you feel good while remaining sick, for the rest of your life, because curing you would be of no benefit to the drug company.

Did you ever notice those brainwashing commercials everywhere on television saying you can get rid of those pains if you just take a pill every day, or month, forever? You feel depressed, take a drug. It may not solve your depression but you will sure enjoy being depressed when you are legally stoned. No one seems to talk about curing you of your ailment. There is no profit in cures.

Yet not just the pharmaceutical companies are guilty of it. The alternative health care people, the ones who are supposed to keep you from getting hooked on all those pharmaceuticals, have their own addiction to pitch saying if you take certain vitamins or herbs forever you will stay well. How can you be well if you are addicted to the cure whether it is drugs, vitamins or herbs?

There is medicine, vitamins and herbs for heart burn, digestion problems, constipation and diarrhea, but none of them cure the problem, they only trick your intestines into thinking all is well. I have a sure cure that does not require addictions, stop eating the crap that made you sick in the first place.

American's over age 60 take an average of 8 drug prescriptions a day. That does not count the psychologically fragile who need drugs to sleep, wake up, get motivated and relax. I once knew a successful television producer who took two briefcases to work, one with scripts and one with legal drugs in order to face whatever came up that day. It is amazing there are not Michael Jackson cases every day, where people are killed from legal overdoses or lethal mixes of different prescriptions.

So one must wonder if the legions of special interests in America today are more interested in their own interest than the good of the people. Personally I think any special interest that has a lobbying arm of some type should not be tax exempt. Such exemptions should be limited to those benefitting all people and should be charitable in nature.

They should also not be allowed any tax benefit if their affiliated groups include a PAC, political action committee that gives money to candidates for office. This is another loophole in the federal campaign laws that helps make the whole campaign law a joke. Congress has legalized bribes in the forms of campaign contributions from PACs, corporate and union people, and special interests. It is time to bring this to an end.

My agenda, like Obama's agenda, is aggressive and given little chance to get approved. There is a big difference however between mine and Obama's. His costs trillions of dollars while mine will reduce the cost of government.

Finally, if special interest groups do not pursue in a real way solving the problem they were formed to solve, they should be abolished. We are sick and tired of all the foolish claims on TV about how we have to have this or that reform. Tell us how to get well and you might be taken serious.


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