Friday, April 16, 2010

SEIU President Stern Resigns Under Cloud of Suspicion


The darling of the Obama White House, the guy who claimed he steered over $60 million into Obama's presidential campaign, and the guy who has used the White House as a revolving door since Obama first took office, Andy Stern, self-proclaimed King of the Labor Bosses, was forced out of office.

Now to listen to the liberal media who love Stern, another of those '60's radicals (SDS) who seem to gravitate to Obama, you would think he walked on water. He said he finished his mission, getting health care approved. I've been telling you all along that big bucks from the labor bosses keeps the congress in line. But for Stern to take credit for getting health care approved seems quite suspicious to me.

More than likely it has more to do with the loss of faith in him by his union members. You see, unlike most union federations in the country who spent years building their membership, the SEIU under Stern decided to take all the shortcuts. If you didn't want to build your union then the only option was to steal your new membership from another union.

At a time when union membership was decreasing nationwide Andy was increasing the SEIU base by raiding other unions. Then stacking those union leadership positions with his people. I suspect the members of those unions who moved from the AFL-CIO or Teamsters to the SEIU found out all too soon they were pawns in a much bigger game being played by the leadership.

Just recently the California health locals who were snatched by Sterns into the SEIU voted, for the first time, to reject the Stern slate of candidates and install their own citing the lack of concern by SEIU for membership issues.

While the media seemed to embrace Stern more and more as he dominated the list of people visiting Obama White House, the union membership was watching their investment in the new president go up in smoke. After a flurry of executive orders by the president to aid unions, and the massive protection of union assets in the auto industry takeover, progress ground to a halt.

The coveted "card check" bill stalled in congress along with other legislative initiatives. Union job losses continued in the auto industry in spite of the GM buy out. Those labor health insurance "Cadillac" policies finally got out of federal taxes, but only until Obama leaves office.

Once again our president seems to have messed up the vetting process of screening the background of his appointees. First he appoints his good friend Andrew Stern to the National Debt Commission. Not a bad payback for the $60.7 million Stern claimed his union invested in getting Obama elected. Of course federal campaign records show he invested $38.2 million through two SEIU groups, meaning $22.5 million in Obama expenditures by the SEIU are hidden from federal reports.

This is the National Debt Commission that was rejected by Congress but created by Obama with an Executive Order to circumvent the will of the Congress. Once again the president has proven that he does not care what Congress or the Supreme Court say, he will do what he wants. The use of Executive Orders and appointments of staff when congress recesses is a cause of great concern to conservatives.


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