Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Morning Joe Show or Mika & Scarborough Nepotism Book Club (MSNBC)?


Mika Brzezinski, the 47 year old teenager whose legs dominate the MSNBC Morning Joe Show, seems to be moving the show into a family sitcom non-reality show with the ever-increasing list of family members featured as guests, authors, specialists at about anything and everything, sort of the Egghead Version of Leave it to Beaver.

There is Mika, her father Zbignhiew Brzezinski, her mother Emile Benes Brzezinski, her brother Mark Brzezinski and another brother Ian Brzezinski.  Her chain saw wielding mother, a sculptor, was grand-niece of the second Czechoslovak president Edvard BereŇ°.  Her father was national security advisor to President Carter.

Every day another member of Mika's family has a book being promoted on the Morning Joe Show if they are not making regular featured guest appearances.  Both Mika and co-host Joe Scarborough have already promoted many of their own books so why not the family as well since it is free TV time that would add up to tens of thousands of dollars if they paid for the time like most people would have to in order to promote books.

Of course anyone and everyone on MSNBC has books to promote including the regular contributors to Morning Joe and often the self promotion gets more enthusiasm than the news and views.  I mean even Mika's mother with a chain saw gets a amazing amount of promotions and appearances on the show.

Since Morning Joe and MSNBC continue to tank in the ratings, with a total daily viewing audience of less than 300,000 people, maybe they can't afford real reporters and news but if they are going to spend all their time self-promoting why not just tell the truth and rename the show the

Morning Joe Show or Mika & Scarborough Nepotism Book Club (MSNBC)?

It used to be that television shows were not allowed to self-promote book sales by staff members because it was an unfair business practice and abuse of government licensed airways.   It fell into the category of corrupt and unethical practices.  Guess those laws don't apply anymore.

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