Monday, June 16, 2014

Obama's Whimsical Pollyanna approach to Foreign Policy failed - Now What???


When President Obama was elected into office six long years ago we were promised everything under the sun and for the most part we have been struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel of disappointments.

No where was it more true than in the area of foreign policy where the president promised to close Guantanamo prison, get out of Iraq, get out of Afghanistan, bring peace to the Israelis and Palestinians, stop Iran, stop North Korea, stop Russia, solve the Middle East peace problems, and, well you've all heard the litany of promises.

Back then it was heresy to say the newly elected Obama had no foreign policy experience, in fact no administrative experience either, but everyone gave him the benefit of the doubt.  For six years the liberal media has ignored, explained away or covered up the astounding failures of Obama and aided the president in blaming any problems on George Bush, as if that meant Obama didn't have to do anything because it was Bush's fault.

Even Franklin Roosevelt, the most effective of all Democrat liberal presidents, who was elected at the beginning of the Great Depression, the one that was still far worse than what Obama inherited, didn't spend the next six years blaming Hoover and the Republicans for the mess we were in.  In fact, he reached out to Hoover to help him put America back to work and then help with World War II preparations.

That would be like Obama asking Romney to help him fix the problems of America because Romney, like Hoover, was experienced, could manage and could create policy that worked.  Needless to say Obama would never stoop so low as to ask a Republican with a mind of his own to help America.  It was far more important to blame everything on the Republicans forever.

Rabid partisanship and inflammatory rhetoric were Obama's tools to deflect criticism and explain away failure and the media let him get away with it as did his own party.  So Obama spent the last six years with an almost disinterested approach to foreign policy.  I mean the one event in which he was personally involved and took an active role was the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the unarmed Bin Laden that is.

Have things changed?  Today his decision to pull troops out of Iraq has resulted in one of the worst blood baths since he took office.  Because of his policy failures we are going to be back in Iraq one way or the other just to help stabilize he Middle East.

So how does our cerebral and aloof president handle this world threatening crisis?  Well, he is out playing two rounds of golf today at a Democrat fundraiser.  Need I say more about his whimsical and Pollyanna approach to foreign policy?


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