Thursday, June 26, 2014

USA Loses and still Wins??? Only in Futbol World Cup Style


Team USA stunned the experts who were expecting a quick exit from their Death Draw in the first round of the Brazil World Cup by losing their final match against Germany yet winning a spot in the next Knockout Round of 16 along with Germany and host Brazil among others.

By Futbol standards it was a great game with the final score 1-0 Germany after 94 minutes of play.  So if there are 10 players on each team I guess that means it took 1880 minutes of accumulated play to get one goal.  (That is in man-minutes).

In the end, it didn't matter that the USA lost because Portugal won and therefore the USA goes to the next round appropriately called the Knockout round.  It is called the Knockout Round because if you lose this time you really do go home.  Of course home might be nice for a team like the USA who had to travel to Brazil for the tournament and then travel over 9,000 miles in Brazil to play just three games.

For some odd reason the four stadiums were each built in different time zones or countries or something so the 600,000 fans from outside the country would not be partying in the same town every night.  The host city is the capitol called Brasilia which was just built in 1960 because it was either in the center of the country or far away from the rowdy towns like Rio de Janeiro.  Still the biggest crowds are in Rio.

Over 150,000 Americans traveled to the World Cup and adopted the nickname "Outlaws" perhaps to fit in with the local syndicates.  For the most part the rest of the world is mad that Brazil got the World Cup, the next Olympics, and Rio just hosted the 2011 Military World Games and the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Party on as they say and no one can party like the lovely people of Brazil.


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