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D Day June 6, 1944 - The Invasion of Normandy - Beginning of the End of WWII


The greatest invasion in the history of warfare took place when the Allies attacked the beaches of Normandy in the push to liberate Europe from Hitler.

Yet what a price to pay for war as the following excerpt from the book, Saviors of the 20th Century - Hitler & Stalin - The War of Annihilation Between the Nazis and Communists points out.

Deaths in the European War

Deaths in the European War

Between 1942 and 1945 the mass killings of millions of Russians, Poles, Catholics, Jews and others took place.  Himmler and his death squads generated staggering death totals.  While it took many years to assess the death totals for various countries, the following military and civilian deaths are the most accurate and current to this day.

                        European Campaign
                  Russia              25.6 million    
                  Poland               6.8 million                            
                  Yugoslavia        1.7 million
                  Romania            1.0 million
                  Germany           7.0 million
                  Allies                 1.5 million

Besides these numbers another ten million Soviets were missing after the war.  The combined death toll of the allied alliance, the United KingdomUnited States and France, was just 1.5 million, military and civilians.

The death total for all nations was 18.4 million military and an astounding 41.6 million civilians, for a final count of 60 million deaths.  The staggering results of the campaigns of extermination undertaken by GermanyJapan and the Soviet Union are clear in the incredible record of war casualties.

(Excerpt from Saviors of the 20th Century)

 Hitler & Stalin
The War of Annihilation between the Nazis & Communists
“If they (Hitler & the Nazis) want a war
of extermination, they shall have it!”
Josef Stalin

November 6, 1941

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