Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where has the News Media been? - Of course Incumbents are Threatened this Year!


After what seemed like a stunning defeat of Republican conservative Senator Bob Bennett in the Utah caucus to determine primary candidates the national media suddenly realized that all incumbent members of Congress could be an endangered species this fall.

What kind of idiots write for the news media? These are the same people who declared the national Tea Party movement dead at first, and then decided it was overrun by right wing radicals. Of course one of those right wing radicals was beaten up by left wing SEIU thugs but the media tends to overlook those kinds of facts.

But the fact of the matter is the news media, in particular the left leaning media, was dead wrong in doing a post mortem on the Tea Party just as they were dead wrong in believing the Tea Party was some kind of Republican plot. The Tea Party are Americans, Independents, Republicans and Democrats, who believe Washington, DC has lost touch.

They are the little people who know the corruption in our nation's capitol is so deep that the conflict of interest running rampant between politicians and special interests cannot be controlled, it must be eradicated. No politician is above the law and the people are fed up with the lame excuses from politicians, the conflicts of interest, the favoritism and the partisanship.

The Tea Party is sick of politicians who have excuses for what is not being done and who keep piling up greater and greater national debt, now projected at about $20 trillion under Obama and the Democrats. Bailouts, deficit spending, reckless bureaucracies and growing government are the enemies of the Tea Party people because politicians have demonstrated they do not have the decency, honesty or fortitude to fight for the people.

All incumbents are threatened in spite of the ignorance of the news media. What the media have accomplished with their constant efforts to manipulate the news and cover up for the crooks is to alienate themselves from the public as well as the politicians. No one believes in the integrity of the media nor should they.

News in America is advertiser based. We get the best news money can buy and quite frankly, their best is simply not good enough. All polls show that as politicians continue to lose credibility so do the news media who cover the politicians.

For over a year the people of America have let their disgust with existing politicians be known. For almost two years we have been writing about the growing discontent in the nation and the shift of Independents as well as conservatives from both parties into an anti-incumbent mood. The shift continues to grow and as it grows all incumbents are becoming targets.

There can be no doubt that high taxes, deficit spending, increased debt and bailouts are the enemy of the people. If incumbents participated in any of these actions there time may be limited. It is a long overdue purge of the partisan, corrupt politicians in Washington. Keep spending money, keep ignoring the growing debt, keep crooked campaign laws in effect and you may very well be seeing the end of you career in politics.


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