Friday, May 14, 2010

Now that we have a health care bailout - how about an American Health Care Reform?


Obama and the Democrats have now delivered on their promise of massive health care bailout to protect the health care industry. If you have noted, the stock in pharmaceutical companies, health care providers, hospitals and insurance companies have all increased while the bureaucratic jobs in health care have increased.

Of course the only change we the people have noticed is that our taxes are going to increase to pay for the health industry bailout, the cost of our health care treatment is up to pay for the millions of dollars the health care companies are pouring into the campaigns of Congress and the president, drug prices are up, insurance premiums are up, hospital and emergency costs are up, and we are being told to be patient, we will see the benefits in a couple of years.

So we understand the health industry bailout has happened and we are supposed to all feel better about it. Well we are patient, but we are sick and tired of being patients. Now maybe the president and congress will turn attention to health care reform for the people who pay for health care, the American people.

Health care reform should never have been about protecting the industry. That is called political payback for all the bribes the industry made to congress and the president through campaign contributions. Now it is time for true and meaningful health care reform.

Wake up Washington! We want cost containment! We want incentives to get well! We want incentives for doctors to get us well! We want access to treatments to cure us, not make diseases more tolerable! We want to be rewarded for being healthy, not being sick! We want you to stop making us sick! We want you to stop letting other people make us sick!

Here is how we expect you to do it.

Stop campaign contributions from companies and non-profits who benefit from us being sick. That means no pharmaceutical, hospital, doctor, malpractice lawyer, health service provider and any related campaign bribes to our elected officials.

Stop senseless examinations using MRIs, CAT scans and other high tech, high profit means of destroying our immune system with electromagnetic and radiation waves.

Stop malpractice lawyers from stealing often over 50% of the settlements from class action and malpractice suits supposedly on behalf of the patients. Give them reasonable expenses and a cap at 15% of the settlement so the victims can truly benefit. At the same time limits damages to actual costs, not some hypothetical fee inspired sum with no basis in reality.

If people have health insurance and stay healthy give them a rebate for being healthy, stop penalizing them because other people are sick.

If companies provide food or products that destroy our immune system, thus making us susceptible to a host of diseases, then make the companies liable for the destruction of health. Food or products that are proven to kill should be destroyed themselves.

Make pharmaceutical companies liable for the damages to the immune system for any vaccines, over the counter or prescription drugs, and other products sold for the purpose of healing us.

Allow alternative health care providers a fast track approval process for techniques using natural means and products that heal and require health insurance compensation for the techniques.

Prohibit television advertising for any drugs administered by a third party, meaning a supposedly independent doctor, hospital or clinic.

Declare illegal any endorsements by practicing doctors of a drug or treatment in which they financially benefit.

Establish massive fines as a disincentive for companies that claim health benefits when a product may actually harm the health of the recipient.

Stop allowing drug companies to directly fund the Food and Drug Administration drug approval process which creates a conflict of interest. This is no different than allowing Wall Street to fund the credit rating agencies for approving their credit and we know how that worked out.

Reward doctors for healing patients rather than simply treating the patients.

Make sure that the politicians you support in the fall elections believe in the real American Health Care Reform actions which I outlined. If not, make sure they are no longer in a position to help destroy you through actions like the Obama Health Care Bailout bill. Throw them out of office before it is too late.


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