Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome to the Big Leagues Rand Paul - Just ask Sarah Palin for Media Advice


Newly nominated Senate candidate Rand Paul, a threat to everything the Administration and left liberals stand for if he gets elected this fall, had not basked in the glory of a stunning primary victory for 48 hours before the propaganda arm of the Obama left and Democrats, PBS and MSNBC, began the task of trapping and discrediting the political neophyte.

It was done with surgical precision in a one-two punch by PBS, followed by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC that left the rookie staggering. Much like his father Congressman Ron Paul, who has been a master of communications with our youth and general public but is denied access to much of the national media, Rand Paul takes a rather cerebral approach to news conferences. He actually tries to give an in depth insight into his views and philosophy on issues.

Well the left liberals educated him on why the national media has lost the confidence of the public as they took his words, reinterpreted what he said, and incited national media hysteria over whether he was for or was against the 1960's civil rights act. A little deft editing and the Democratic pit bulls were cut loose trying to force him out of the election before the final primary votes had been counted.

In less than 24 hours he was back trying to do damage control and again he demonstrated he is not quite ready for prime time by trying to explain his position in a reasoned way. Wake up Rand, today's media can only be controlled with sound bites and video clips. Give them 5-10 seconds of senseless patter that keeps you out of trouble and don't get seduced into thinking you can walk right into the liberal lion's nest and be treated with anything but the scorn and fear they have for you.

Now Paul is a fresh face and I have been involved in many political campaigns including running US Senate races and never have I seen such a stupid job by his communications advisors. He should fire his entire communications staff and bring in the pros who can prepare him for the massive scrutiny that he will face throughout the rest of the campaign.

To think that PBS and MSNBC, the national masters of media manipulation and the propaganda machine for the left guard, would give a conservative libertarian a fair interview is just plain stupid. Whoever let him schedule the interviews with the gotcha networks, yes they advertise that they will find a way to smear anyone who does not agree with them, should be replaced as well.

Rand should stay off the air until he gets the right advisors and schedulers and is properly prepped before facing the lions again. He may strike a nerve with the public, but the media is his enemy and he cannot forget it. They have the power to twist your words into anything they believe will hurt your chances to get elected.

Ask Obama who watched the media, who were in his back pocket when he was elected, turn on him. Better yet, ask the most prominent victim of media manipulation in America and one of your first major supporters Sarah Palin what kind of fair break you will receive from the silver screen mouthpieces. She was a trained journalist and proven communicator and look what happened.

Keep your campaign with the people, not the media. Get experienced and good communications and scheduling advisors. And keep your campaign focused on the people of Kentucky and today, not some 1960's law that has nothing to do with the problems America faces today. Lick your wounds and move on, don't keep trying to educate a media that has no interest in telling your story.

We need your independent voice in the Senate. Keep independent of the liberal media and you have a chance. The people of Kentucky deserve no less.


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