Thursday, May 13, 2010

Leftist Liberals Better Stop Slamming Arizona Immigration Laws


While the liberal elitists of the nation, including President Obama, have been quick to jump on the new Arizona Immigration Law making all kinds of crazy claims about how bad it is and calling for it's suspension and court challenges, perhaps they should not be so quick to judge.

First of all, Arizona only acted because they have waited years for the inept Congress to address the issue and in spite of the promise of the President, there has been no effort by Obama or the Democrats controlling Congress to bring it up for debate. We are going on 18 months since the agents of change took office and still nothing.

So Arizona, the place where most illegal immigrants come to America, is left holding the bag while Congress twiddles it's collective thumbs. Any action that might force Congress and the President to take action is a good thing.

Perhaps more important, in spite of the screams of the liberals, a new poll today shows 64% of Americans support the Arizona law getting tough on illegal immigrants. If nothing else at least Arizona has shown us courage where it is missing in Congress.

There are supposed to be over 12 million illegal immigrants, and some claim there are over 20 million. That means millions of jobs are being lost to them. It also means millions in tax revenue is lost. Yet in many states including Maryland the illegal immigrants get state and federal benefits including health insurance coverage, education, housing and food.

While some have social security cards most have US driver's licenses, drive cars and trucks registered in the US, and some even pay federal taxes. Even in those cases there are many who substantially under-report their income to limit the amount of taxes paid.

California, home to many left liberals, is taking action at the state and city level to punish Arizona for passing the law. Do they forget that Arizona is the source of over 23% of all the electricity consumed in California and over 5 million acre feet of water to Southern California per year. Arizona could initiate action to drop the water supply to 550,000 acre feet per year leaving Southern California high and dry.

Liberals beware, the groups you attack like Arizona could make your life very miserable if they applied your tactics to the electricity and water you depend on from them. Right now Arizona is showing a lot more moxie and class than the liberals by demonstrating they will do what the Congress can't by passing immigration reform, and by not making hollow threats like California did over the far more important water and electric rights that benefit the liberals.

Finally, state law enforcement costs to fight the illegal immigration and crime from the illegal drug trade from Mexico which impacts on all America is huge because Obama and the Congress do not have the guts to act on these national and federal priorities. Failure to act by the federal government is costing Arizona lives, giving Arizona one of the highest kidnapping rates in the world, and creating an unfair burden on one of the most patriotic and beautiful states in the nation.


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