Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Obama's Perfect Storm - Will it Sweep Democrats Out of Office?


As more and more attention turns to the midterm elections next November it is beginning to look like President Obama just might have created the Perfect Storm, a rare once every 100 years opportunity, for the Republicans to sweep the Democrats out of the leadership and majority in the House and Senate.

Perhaps confusing his narrow election win and high favorable ratings early in his term for a real mandate from the people, did Obama and his gang totally miscalculate the mood of the public for sweeping liberal reforms? Every day the prospect looks more likely.

First of all Obama never had a mandate, he just had a chance to show what he could do. When he got elected people were fed up with government, the direction of the country and the bleak economic future. The wave of frustration he rode was not a wave of support for his liberal agenda for change. Misreading the political tea leaves was the biggest mistake of his early presidency.

The Democrat majority in the House under Pelosi and Senate under Reid got caught up in the same false sense of euphoria and they promptly introduced Obama's legislative program which sent the conservative conscious public into toxic shock.

Too many promises were made by the inexperienced Obama before he got elected. Too many old time politicians surrounded him after he got elected. In their delusional euphoria and at the intense urging of their many special interests an avalanche of new legislation was proposed and the public watched the future of the Republic sinking into a bottomless liberal spending pit.

To his credit, Obama seemed to regroup and started backing off from his many promises and interest groups, what with him being the pragmatic professor and consensus builder he sees in the mirror. Although his ardent partisanship did not stop as he drifted toward the middle of the political spectrum, the public thought there might still be hope for this young upstart.

After bailouts to Wall Street, banks, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the auto industry at a cost of trillions of dollars that we did not have, the people had enough. Though they still did not blame Obama entirely for the debacle, as Pelosi and Reid had taken center stage when Obama decided to remain on the sidelines of the legislative battles, all the proposed bills became the subject of increased public attention.

Obama, with the help of Pelosi and Reid, then slammed through the health care bill with a dubious legislative rule that prevented Congress from direct votes on the merits of the legislation. That was the last straw for the public, as Obama's agenda was increasingly becoming the greatest danger to the financial security of the nation.

In desperation the brakes were put on many jewels of the liberal agenda like cap and trade in energy, card check for the unions, green energy for environmentalists and massive new aid for schools. A second stimulus bill was put on hold.

At the same time the public concern for the now approved Obama health care bill continued to slide downward, in spite of the passage of the bill. In truth the bill never had a chance for broad public support in spite of the rosy outlook offered by the liberal mainstream media. But the bill, reflecting Obama's penchant for putting off controversy until far into the future, like after the 2012 election, had delayed the implementation of to many of the things people wanted in the bill.

While Obama went on the road to build public support for the new legislation people watched as detailed analysis of the new bill, something that did not happen during the debate, now discovered that element after element of the new bill would not be implement for years.

The old political trick used by the Obama gang was exposed. As a result the financial reform bill was stalled until meaningful changes could be made to assure the Obama people were not playing with the fine print. It remains in the Senate being debated much to the frustration of Obama.

Suddenly another Obama promise is forced to center stage and again he is trapped. Arizona passes what Obama describes as a dangerous and flawed immigration bill. Finally the liberal media had another cause to champion and they promptly filled the airways and newspapers with vicious attacks on the state bill. Good old Harry Reid, in danger of being thrown out of his own Senate seat because of his Majority manipulations, then said he was bringing immigration reform to the national forefront.

Once again Obama, the Democrat leaders and the liberal media totally misread the mood of the public. Polls just released today indicate the public, by an overwhelming majority, support the Arizona state immigration bill that Obama and the Democrats condemned.

Here we go again. Thanks to the knee jerk reaction of the Democrats and media in unified opposition to the Arizona bill they are again standing in opposition to the public. Did Obama and the Democrats forget that the primary beneficiaries of their immigration bill are the illegal immigrants? Don't they understand that many of the current illegal immigrants already get better health care, food and may other forms of assistance that not even low income Americans qualify for?

The lack of health care reform activity, the focus on immigration and illegal immigration rights, the staggering national debt and the mountain of unfulfilled campaign promises are weighing ever heavily on the president and his campaign hopes of protecting his massive block of Democrats in Congress. It is a majority that has so far failed to do much of anything important to a public that is getting ready to go back to the polls.

If the president cannot stop the downward spiral of public support then America is going to do what it always does when the leadership is in doubt, they are going to elect a way to check the agenda and make sure that the first priority of Congress is fiscal integrity, something that has not happened under this president. The only viable conclusion is that Obama's Perfect Storm will bring about a Republican landslide in it's aftermath.


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