Friday, May 14, 2010

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan Can Bat Clean Up For Me Any Day


Now this is not what we normally expect of a nominee for Supreme Court justice, to be pictured playing softball, so this photo created a little controversy. Like the idiots they are, some media said this photo of Supreme Court nominee Kagan meant she was gay.

I, as a male and coach of several championship women's softball teams in New Jersey and Nebraska, say they are nuts. The only thing this photo tells is that she enjoys being part of American's favorite past time for all the would be major league baseball stars who got old before they were stars.

If baseball is America's favorite past time, then softball is where all good baseball players go if they don't make the big leagues. Kagan playing softball does not make her gay, it just shows she enjoys the most popular participation sport in America.

Just like Jennie Finch, probably the greatest American women's softball pitcher in history who led the USA to world dominance. Of course that was after she led my old school, the University of Arizona, to national fame. Out of uniform she looks pretty good.

Softball is as American as apple pie. Check out all the celebrities from Carrie Underwood to Queen Latifah who play to help raise money for worthy causes. If anything, the photo of Kagan shows she is probably a darn good softball player, the kind I recruited for my teams.

That makes her a bit more in touch with us humans and even more needed on the Supreme Court. It is also just another sign that the media is so out of touch it no longer serves a viable purpose in America.

By the way, the following body flying through the air is little Shawn Johnson of Olympic gymnastics fame and a fellow native of Iowa. She also enjoys a good game of softball.


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