Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness Dominates America - Obamacare and NCAA Championships


This year we are treated to two types of March Madness as the NCAA Basketball championships, the annual rite of passage to spring in America, gets underway. Things are a little different this year and not just because Obama has intruded on the publicity surrounding March Madness basketball style.

That in itself is enough to upset the millions of basketball loving Americans as how many overtimes does the president get before he stops trying to dominate the headlines? He started his health reform game over a year ago and now we are to believe it will finally be over. It almost sounds too good to be true that Congress could actually get off health care and start worrying about the economy.

Of course the Obama, Pelosi and Reid team seem hell bent toward leaving the Constitution a shambles before they give up the battle with all their manipulation of Senate and House rules but then Obama, as a constitutional lawyer, knows exactly what he is doing.

Now over 2,700 pages are required to explain what the government will do for the Obama plan and that is only the beginning as there will be thousands, maybe tens of thousands of pages of federal regulations needed to make it possible. So let's say Obama will have to generate 25,000 pages of law and regulations, maybe more, to change our health care.

What is behind the health care bill that even the Congress has not seen although it will be voted on this week? We know there are union protections, Obama has already generated billions of dollars in savings for the bosses. We also know he intends to insure 30 million more people and stop insurance companies for pre-existing condition service denials.

Of course what we don't know is what Pelosi and Reid and Obama have promised those Democrats whose arms they are twisting. The dreaded Nebraska, Louisiana and Florida bribes given for the Senate and House votes may seem like child's play before this week is over. What is the value to Obama for those last few votes?

Does this bill address the primary concerns of health care? It seems Congress is not going to be too hard on those health insurance and service providers when they have poured tens of millions of dollars into the Democrats campaign funds. Do you think these companies are stupid enough to pay off the congressmen if they are going to be punished? There is no more chance of this happening than Obama will punish and prosecute the Wall Street executives who nearly brought the world economy down.

Wall Street continues with their swaps, derivatives and Repo 105 games making billions more at the expense of the consumer and even the federal regulatory controls proposed by Obama and the Democrat majority will not stop them nor the illegal actions by the rating companies who falsely valued the stocks in the first place. Money bought Wall Street protection and money will buy the health industry protection because the president and congress are addicted to the campaign slush funds from the bad guys.

Now Obama has talked about how, well with the help of a Republican proposal, he will fight fraud and corruption in health care. Doesn't it seem odd that he just decided to attack it after talking health care for a year? But what is he doing to fight artificially high prices for drugs, unnecessary treatment, or even the huge costs of malpractice insurance? Your guess is as good as mine but remember the banks, drug companies and trial lawyers who bring those malpractice suits are among his biggest contributors.

I think there are more unanswered questions than answers and if we are betting 16% of our GNP on more government control, regulation and take overs fixing things we have a very short memory about the ability of government to run businesses. Did we forget that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were government run programs and both required, and still require, billions of dollars to bail them out of the mess they made of the housing and mortgage markets?

Am Trak has not been such a sterling example of government success nor has the Postal Service. Even Obama himself says Medicare is a disaster. Social Security is on the brink of bankruptcy. The CDC and health department have generated massive losses with stupid vaccination scares and hysteria. Fact is it is hard to find anything the government has done that worked like expected and nothing the government has done cost what was expected.

I may have a simple view of things but as least I'm not trying to hide my motives and actions in a fog and hope the voters forget it in time. I don't see how 30 million more people can be insured at no cost. I don't see where the doctors and nurses are going to come from to treat 30 million more people when there is already a shortage of hospitals, doctors and nurses. I don't see how drug costs are going to go down.

I don't understand why we have to have health insurance that doesn't work. Why do we have to pay for what we don't need in the first place? Government has no more business requiring health insurance than it has spending billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries and organizations that are not our friends. Stop throwing away international aid and use that money to fund health care.

As for the other March Madness, the one we expected, let us hope it provides a great diversion from the ongoing efforts in our nation's capitol to steal America for the special interests. I think it is time Obama foul out of his game and go to the bench. As for Congress, they should be thrown off the court for throwing the game they were sent to play.

Go Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and Syracuse, beat those scoundrels like Obama, Pelosi and Reid off the television airways so we can finally get a breath of fresh air. By the way, wouldn't a ban of congress result in a great reduction of hot gas emission from our country? Maybe Gore should work on that if he really wants to clean up the environment.


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