Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sarah Palin Again Sends MSNBC into a Tailspin with New TV Series


When MSNBC has everything to talk about what with Obama and the health care approval they still cannot resist interrupting the news to take a shot at Sarah Palin. There is nothing more entertaining than watching a media enterprise like left leaning MSNBC working up a dither over the moose hunter from Alaska.

NBC refuses to believe Palin has a strong and loyal backing no matter what she does and every time she has a little success the reporters at MSNBC line up to trash her achievement. Why don't they just shut up and leave Palin alone?

Since MSNBC seems to promote books over everything else, especially those written by MSNBC staff, they must still be fuming since Palin ignored them on her book tour and took the rest of the country by storm. In the end Palin sold over 2.4 million copies, having one of the highest selling political biographies in history.

The elitists at MSNBC just cannot accept that a backwoods, rifle toting soccer mom could do that. The fact she snubbed the cable network and still was a nationwide best seller is too much for them to take.

The same was true when Palin landed the job with Fox News. And now, when Palin has landed a TV series with the Discovery Network to show the world the wonders of the State of Alaska at a reported price of over $1 million per episode they are flabbergasted.

How could the hick from the wilderness have become a multi-millionaire TV star just months after giving up the governorship of Alaska? It would never occur to the media elitists that Sarah Palin paid her dues under a barrage of false charges and innuendo and incessant efforts by the media to smear her reputation and ruin her career.

Palin, smiling through the deluge of negativity and brushing off the media as if they were gnats on a moose in Alaska, just did her thing and kept getting stronger in popularity. Now if it was jealously on the part of the liberals I could understand. Every time Sarah appears on television her ratings bury the meager ratings of the MSNBC elite. Millions of Americans watch Palin while a much smaller number watch MSNBC.

Maybe they are in shock because Sarah managed to negotiate her own TV studio in Alaska so she would not be just another voice in Washington or New York. Maybe it is because her new series will bring attention to the state she clearly loves. Or maybe it is because she earns a salary that dwarfs the normal TV reporter's salary.

It would never occur to the media pundits that Palin commands such a high salary because she brings millions of viewers to the show when she appears. Ad revenue is everything and Palin is a gold mine on television. Just ask Oprah, who went out of her way to get Sarah on her show after Palin lost the election and resigned as governor, and still she significantly boosted Oprah's ratings. The same happened with Jay Leno and helped propel him back into first place in the Late Night ratings race.

Wake up MSNBC! Jealously is not good for your image. Bashing Sarah Palin does not help your ratings. If you really want to do something to help your network and give you some degree of credibility, then get Palin on the show like Oprah and Leno. Or do you prefer the Letterman approach of trashing Palin and watch your ratings sink into last place?

Just get over it MSNBC. The election is over. Obama is president. Palin is not in public office and there is nothing you can do about it. You should be happy she is making so much money in private business that she can't afford to take time off to run for president. You had your chance to destroy her and you blew it.

HOLD THE PRESSES: Very quietly today and very early this morning before it was even light out MSNBC admitted they had misrepresented the facts about the Palin story. Today they acknowledged their assault on Palin yesterday had two things wrong. First, it wasn't Discovery Channel but the TLC Network that is owned by Discovery.

Second they admitted she was not receiving over a million dollars for each show but the total production budget of each show was over a million dollars. Discovery said the show is called "Sarah Palin's Alaska" and is a documentary series on the wonders of Alaska.

Do you think all the MSNBC shows will air the retraction during daylight hours? Don't count on it. Maybe they should fact check themselves before shooting off at the mouth.


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cliffNZ said...

Great article! Full of truth. She is like an itch they can't stop scratching. Poor dears.