Thursday, March 18, 2010

MSNBC Just Can't Stop Unethical Efforts to Slam Fox


It seems that the lower they slip in the Nielsen ratings the more radical MSNBC has to become to try and distort the record of Fox News. Every time MSNBC starts to do something right their seemingly overwhelming jealousy of the Fox News network led by Roger Ailes who consistently over-powers MSNBC in the ratings causes the liberal leftists to do something stupid.

Yesterday Fox landed a prized one-on-one interview with President Obama. Since Fox is regularly on the White House hit list it was a little surprising unless you know politics in which case you would know Obama was smart in risking the interview to reach millions of conservative and independent Americans he normally cannot reach.

The interview with Bret Baier was not without it's lively exchanges and of course the President and Baier both had a job to do. In the end Obama wins points just for entering the lion's den with Fox. He might even win over some support for his health care bill.

But leave it to MSNBC to take a news event and edit the tapes to make it look like Bret was badgering the President with constant interruptions. Obama does not need false news reports by MSNBC to protect him. His own ratings far exceed the MSNBC leftist ratings and by now he knows what to expect with Fox and does quite well.

The edited tape was used on all the MSNBC shows today and of course the wailing liberals are screaming that Fox embarrassed the President. Nonsense. The Pres did quite alright. It was the network that embarrassed itself. Morning Joe, the MSNBC program claiming to give balanced reporting though it can never quite give up their hope to destroy conservatives and Republicans, started using it with Joe mentioning that the tape had been manipulated. But by the second and third hours of news when the tape was shown not a word was mentioned about manipulating it.

In recent months Morning Joe had started to be interesting and informative to even us non-comrades as they seemed to back off on the unfair tactics and actually do a little reporting even if the guest list is dominated by liberals. When they fall back into smear reporting and crass tactics they ruin everything they have done to improve their image. Fox News and Sarah Palin are not the enemy of MSNBC, they only dominate their competitor burying them with almost five times the number of viewers.

Dirty tricks like editing tapes to make it look bad are yellow journalism tricks of the past, I thought. I have launched a campaign to save Savannah Guthrie from NBC and MSNBC for the very reason that MSNBC reporters cannot simply report but must toe the party line, even if it means using dirty tricks. It is actions like today on MSNBC that will forever keep them buried by Fox in the ratings because though the producers may think it is cute, the people know it is stupid.


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