Friday, March 12, 2010

Cyber Day against Cyber Censorship - Why not Cyber Day for True Computer Security?


Today is Cyber Day against Cyber censorship. What in the world does that mean? Did the New World Order take control of the Internet and decide on behalf of all nations there will be no censorship of all the stuff on the Internet?

I don't remember anything in our Constitution that says you can promote triple X rated pornography, or prostitution rings, child porn, brutal video games or pedophiles on the Internet. In fact the Internet users are being ripped off to the tune of billions of dollars by all the things being stolen from them on the Internet from identity theft to credit card theft to cell phone theft to bank and medical records.

Today should be the day of Cyber Truth on the Internet because no one seems interested in the truth and no one seems capable to telling it to us. The truth is this, you are not really protected on the Internet by any security system, antivirus, antiphishing, malware of any other type of digital crime whose purpose is to steal your records.

Not a day goes by that some company does not admit records were stolen, the banks don't report the theft of millions of credit card numbers, or that your personal records are so secure that you don't need to check your phone or credit card statements for false billings. Yet if you listen to the many computer security pitches you would think the protection you are paying for will be there.

So far a security system that really does protect your records does not exist, even though billions of dollars are being spent on computer security. Even the most protected sites in the world, those of the governments, defense and intelligence agencies are routinely hacked and disabled.

Digital crime is a multi-billion dollar business and those stakes have attracted the best, brightest and most devious in the world to figure out every possible way to steal you blind and right now you can count on being a victim because there is nothing to stop you from being a victim.

As you and your life become more and more dependent on the Internet you become more and more vulnerable to attack. We are headed for a paperless economy and that means even money in your pocket will become a thing of the past. Every transaction you make will be over the Internet and the truth is if there was a way to protect those transactions it would be a great benefit to mankind. See if you can get an ironclad guarantee for protection from any digital attack.

I challenge you to find any computer security firm in the world that offers a way to detect digital attacks and destroy the attack before it gets in your machine. It would take a revolutionary new approach to computers with futuristic design concepts to truly outwit the hackers of the world and keep your computer truly protected.

Let me know if you hear of such a solution because right now our future is bleak.

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