Thursday, October 08, 2009

God and Patriotism are Dead in America - But not the Independents who will bring them back


It seems as if a full scale war is on in Washington by the Obama gang to destroy God and destroy patriotism in America. One is almost ashamed to speak of God and government or to put the needs of our country above the special interests.

Certainly Obama's administration has done little but reinforce that special interest needs will be the priority from his staffing to executive orders to legislation and spending. Never has a new president done so much so fast for such a small segment of the nation's population. Selected special interests from Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs to the Chicago politicians to radical unions have been hugely rewarded while the American public has been skewered on the grill.

Legislation is not passed that does not reward cronies and contributors and spending bills are setting a record pace for deficit spending and increasing the national debt while trying to pay back the privileged few. Even altruistic efforts like health care reform, which is desperately needed by the public, have a far deeper and more sinister purpose of lining the pockets of a chosen few at the expense of many.

When it comes to eliminating God from the national consciousness the record may even be stronger. After all those years of listening to Reverend Wright rail against the whites with a degree of hatred and racism seldom seen from the pulpit, Obama made one photo op of going to church when he was inaugurated and then his displays of religion and God stopped once he took the oath of office. In nine months he has still not found a church for his family to attend. No matter which way you turn God and all signs of God are disappearing from the one nation under God that existed. How can that be?

The Supreme Court is about to rule on whether a Cross can be banned from federal land. If that is the case will the Cross then be banned from Arlington Naitonal cemetery? And if the Cross violates the First Amendment then the ACLU muct also file to ban the Star of David from all public land including Arlington Cemetery.

As the liberals trash the conservatives while the conservatives trash the liberals and the Democrats trash the Republicans while the Republicans trash the Democrats it seems as if the media and politicians are oblivious that the Independents continue to grow in strength.

There is no difference in politics whether you are a liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican, you are all bought and paid for by corporations, unions or other special interests. Money is the lifeblood of politics and politicians are the endless spigot of money for those special interests.

Both parties scream about Wall Street but not one thing has been done by either party to prevent another economic collapse. There is no transparency, no new rules, not even prosecutions of all the criminals who executed the fraud on the American public.

In fact, the very people in the banks and financial institutions have been bolder than ever in manipulating the markets and preparing new markets, to wit the cap and trade energy market, thanks to the new $100 million man Al Gore.

There is no credit available to the public in spite of a trillion dollars in aid to banks and corporations. Not even the trillion dollar stimulus helped ease the credit crunch. What in the world are all those trillions in spending doing? Oh yes, multi-million dollar bonuses and other perks.

Here's news for the politicians. The public really does support health care reform but Congress, the President and media are the last people to know what that means. People want better prices, more choices and a chance to use alternative care whenever possible. They do not want the insurance companies or unions or government to tell them what to do, what doctor they can see, or how much it will cost.

Give us competition but don't say the public option is the only way to achieve it. Instead of giving full coverage to the millions of uninsured why not set up government owned health care clinics to stop them from going to emergency centers. Both the insured and uninsured will benefit from this. Fix tort reform by limiting penalties to actual damages and limit legal fees for both sides.

Tell Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to stop making secret deals with the pharmaceutical companies to protect them from generic drugs, thus keeping the cost of drugs way above necessary. Also how about a little of the transparency Obama promised. Obama should have his chief of staff fully disclose whatever deal he made with big pharma and tell us why the big pharma companies are spending over $100 million on television ads to endorse the Obama health care bill which isn't even in bill form yet.

Stop the banks and credit card companies from gouging us with hidden fees and higher interest rates when they took government money and they still won't loan us money. If Obama really wants transparency stop all corporate, non-profit and union campaign contributions and spending for political purposes as it is the biggest money machine next to Wall Street and has compromised the ability of our elected officials to act in our interest.

Now these are just some of the issues middle America, Main Street America, the town hall terrorists or whatever the media and politicians choose to call us, the issues that concern us the most. They are not conservative or liberal issues. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans have addressed them and both parties are responsible for them.

Our nation's politicians and media have no clue the people are abandoning both parties and joining a growing populist body as the new American Independents. Our platform is fairness, common sense and corruption free government. We want God and patriotism to be restored to their proper place in the American system. This nation was founded under Christian values and rights granted by God and we are tired of the Congress, President and courts taking it away from us.

We are tired of your trashing of America and your tolerance of all the media who trash patriotism in America. Stop apologizing for our country. When we exercise our constitutional right to free speech you condemn us as goons, thugs, hired guns and even a threat to you. Well we are a threat to you, to your political future for you have taken enough, given enough away to your contributors and abused your powers in government long enough.

We are proud of the patriotism we feel and do not believe your world view and corporate relationships have anything to do with patriotism. You have failed us. The two political parties have failed us. Wall Street and the banks have failed us. The media has failed us. We have just each other to rely on and that bond of spirit between people is far more important than the bond of bucks that guide you.


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Wade said...

I agree, the 2 political parties have failed us big time. Ask the typical American "What form of government do we have?" Bet majority of them will say Democracy. Wrong answer. We are a Republic. The problem with the 2 party system is that Republicans quit acting like Republicans a long time ago. It seems that in the past, whenever an Independent got serious and ran, all it did was take away from the Republican vote and put another Democrat in office. I will get on my knees and PRAY on this one. There is no government that will ever stop me from praying.