Friday, October 02, 2009

Letterman - Liberal's Palin Basher Gets Bashed


It was just another joke on national television last night when David Letterman made a routine of his confession that he has been having sex with a number of his staff at CBS. Imagine that, the man who made millions of dollars bashing Sarah Palin and her teenage daughter under the banner of morality seems to have a different standard for his morality.

But then Hollywood and the liberal media are leading the way in condemning the arrest of the man convicted of drugging and raping a 13 year old, Roman Polanski. Somehow those who paid big bucks to smear Palin by paying off anyone including her daughter's fiancé for unsubstantiated dirt think drugging and raping a thirteen year old is no big deal.

As for Letterman, did he use his position as one of the most powerful people in media and television to seduce staff or did he simply hire Letterman groupies that appealed to him. Were any of his conquests young pages, or married? In the corporate and political worlds such action would lead to firing, or in the case of politics destroying one's career. Letterman will most likely face neither, due to the strange silence of the liberals so quick to condemn Palin and her daughter.

CBS, struggling to drag itself out of last place in the media ratings race can ill-afford to dump the late night star but Letterman only averages about 5 million viewers per night. He is finally beating out the Tonight Show on NBC but that has more to do with Jay Leno being replaced by Conan O'Brien. Even Leno, now in prime time every night, draws only about 6.5 million viewers.

So the good news is not that many people really watch Letterman, 5 million out of 300million. The bad news is he influences far more because the liberal media uses him to attack their opponents. What does the liberal press have to say about this sordid affair?

The San Francisco Examiner, Pelosi's home base, said "Letterman creates brilliant hour of TV from woes." The Los Angeles Times says, "Letterman admits to affair, says he was a victim...". The New York Times buried the story on page four in a small story with no pictures.

Now in the first show of the new television season when Letterman was going aginst O'Brien and the Tonight Show for the first time who came to his rescue to give him a ratings boost, Barack Obama. Yes, the President of the United States pays back the television personality who did the most vicious and unsubstantiated attacks on Sarah Palin during the campaign, attacks that benefited the Obama ticket.

One wonders how the president will respond to the conduct of yet another supporter who went astray. So far those around him have been doing him no favors with their bizarre behavior.


Wade said...

The corporate sponsers were quick to demand from Fox News that they remove their commercials from The Glenn Beck Show when he exposed Obama and his cronies for what they really are. Nothing immoral about what Glenn Beck did. Why aren't the corporate sposners demanding that CBS remove their commercials from The Letterman Show? I guess that just shows where God is on their list of priorities. The same God that our Founding Fathers relied on so much in writing our Constitution.

Anonymous said...

I thank God every day for a woman like Sara Palin. As far as Letterman, I don't know why anyone would watch his show. He is certainly nothing to look at and anyone who doesn't have anymore to contribute than he does is not worthy of my time. He has tried so hard to bash Sarah Palin,but thank goodness, everyone in America is not as ignorant as he is. God will always have the last word.