Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Afghanistan War - Now is the Time for Patriotism, Not Politics


As President Obama ponders a new strategy for America's role in Afghanistan and over 60,000 of America's finest face the front lines of the war on terrorism it is time for the politicians and pundits to shut up and for all Americans to stand tall for the military, the nation, and even the Commander in Chief.

There is no room for politics when the lives of our soldiers are at risk. America has always stood behind our military, no matter what the opinion toward our president. Sometimes we like the president and sometimes we don't. President Johnson was literally forced out of office by Viet Nam while President Eisenhower was extraordinarily popular in spite of the Korean War.

Still it didn't matter as the public supported the troops. We may not like the war, but we always stood behind the Commander in Chief who is responsible for the conduct of the war and the protection of our troops. The swirling controversy over the future policy in Afghanistan does nothing to help the troops.

Of course we have a right to state our views. Even the military, who were not heard during the early years of the Bush administration have a right to state their views as long as it does not compromise the war plans on the ground. Much has been made about the public position taken by General Stanley A. McChrystal, a rare occurrence for a military officer. But the generals were not heard during the early years of the war and who can fault him for wanting to make sure the best plan to support the troops was put forward.

Secretary of Defense Gates scolded the general yesterday for making the public statements but Gates should have scolded Vice President Biden and others in the Administration who went public well before McChrystal. They set the tone for White House policy development for the war in Afghanistan and if the president is mad, he should start with his own VP who violated every rule in confidential policy development.

The White House is filled with liberals who demanded that Obama get out of Iraq, close Guantanamo, bail out the unions at the auto companies, prosecute the CIA and make Al Gore and Goldman Sachs rich off the efforts to change the energy policy of America. So far they have hurt the president badly and their own public whining shows they haven't got a clue when it comes to being the president for all the people, not just the radical fringe.

All America needs to step back and let the president give Afghanistan the consideration needed to protect the lives of those men and women risking their lives so we don't have another 9-11. When that policy is announced all Americans have a responsibility to support it like we have every time this nation has had to go to war to defend freedom.

Every day soldiers are dying in a land far away so that we may live in peace back home. Let us not let the ranting and raving of public mouthpieces distract us from that truth. No war is good, nor should it ever be considered a popular policy. It is the single worst trait of human nature to fight wars because it is the innocent victims of war that suffer the most.

We are fighting in Afghanistan to help free a people who have been the victims of a generation of war and to stop a terrorist organization who believe human life has no value. If you have to go to war there can no higher calling. Get behind the president and get behind the troops. What happens is his responsibility and their lives are at risk. It has always been the American way.

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Wade said...

As a veteran of the U.S.Navy, I feel that I have every right to make these comments. I served during the Vietnam War which everyone knows was a worthless war. Everyone put their lives on the line for their country, only to come home to ridicule. How hurtful.

After 9/11, almost the entire country was together for once. We ALL wanted to get the SOB'S that did this to us. Then President Bush told the country that this would be a "long drawn out affair". I agree, it should not have taken this long, and President Bush sure made his share of mistakes along the way. Now the Liberals in America are just like they were during Vietnam. They want out in order for us to be attacked again. Does President Obama even know the definition of Commander-in-Chief? He needs to communicate with the generals that are in place. After all, General McChrystal is Obama's choice for leading our troops in Afghanistan. When McChrystal says that he needs more troops to win the war, GIVE THEM TO HIM. But Obama, as well as his cronies want to take this country in a different direction, one that won't be nice for us or our children and grandchildren. Now is the time for America to stick together and boot them right out of Washington. Don't listen to Michael Moore and majority of Hollywood. They have their own agenda that doesn't even deserve out attention. We can destroy them as well by not supporting any of their works.

Now Obama has another serious concern. Lets see how he handles Iran. Bet my bottom dollar that he figures a way to mess that all up. Enough is enough, the country is yours to run Obama. Make us proud and do what a true American president would do.