Friday, October 16, 2009

Media Conned Again, and Again, and Again


So much for the fair and balanced coverage, the validation of facts and being guardians of the truth as the mainstream media, entertainment media and all the other media suffered through a series of recent hijacks by people testing the gullibility of our public watchdogs. In a word, the result was "failure", a failure to fact check, to question or to validate.

First there was the case of the English group who fed false story after false story to the entertainment media to see if garbage would reach the airways and they were stunned to see their bogus tips to the media show up on news sites then rampage around the world on the Internet with no attempt to check the facts.

Then there was the case of Rush Limbaugh who was blocked from becoming an owner of a NFL team by the new American business censorship czars Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Once again malicious rumors appeared throughout the media and around the world thanks to our pit bull czars who promoted the lies and hoodwinked the public. The stampede worked as Rush lost out on his bid to act like an American and be free to invest his money where he wanted.

The White House and those defenders of liberal freedom in America were silent as they watched with glee as lies prevailed, were never challenged, and were bought hook, line and sinker by the media. At the same time the White House was unleashing their communications czar, Anita Dunn, on Fox News and Glenn Beck in particular, becoming the first presidency in our history to declare a television news channel as, well let me give you her words.

"We’re going to treat them the way we would treat an opponent,” White House Communications Director Anita Dunn told CNN over the weekend. "The reality of it is that Fox News often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party." In a media blitz against the network, Dunn also gave interviews with Time magazine and the New York Times.

In addition the White House and the Federal Communications Commission have both begun campaigns to control Internet blogs and keep them from spreading rumors disguised as news. The blog business has exploded ever since the public realized that the mainstream media was compromised but bloggers and their incessant search for truth now threaten the very institutions in the federal government charged with the Constitutional responsibility to protect the right of free speech in America.

Obama is a constitutional lawyer, you would think his administration would know better than to use the power of the government to silence critics but then they seem to do a lot of things that ignore the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the freedom of the press and public. The White House wants you to only hear the liberal babble of their favorites like MSNBC.

The next media con was the Obama trip to New Orleans, his first since taking office. We are supposed to believe that his campaign promise to undo the damage Bush did by not helping New Orleans recover from hurricane Katrina was a promise he delivered on. Once again the media was fed the administration cop out line that we cannot make progress because of the last eight Republican years of disaster.

I, for one, am tired of the excuses for inaction. America is three trillion more dollars in debt because of the Obama agenda. One would think that much money could get some of these problems fixed but the money went to the banks, Wall Street executives, home mortgage companies, insurance companies, failed automobile companies and unions. I'm also tired of hearing how Bush is still to blame for everything that goes wrong with the Obama agenda. Bush has been gone nine months. And the last two years of the Bush presidency the Democrats under Nancy Pelosi controlled the House meaning she could have stopped anything Bush wanted.

The City of New Orleans was lost in the Obama rush to pay back campaign contributors to the tune of billions of dollars in profits, bonuses, opportunities for profit and whatever else is used to determine who gets the first cash from the greatest cash cow in history, good old Uncle Sugar. The number one Obama campaign supporter Goldman Sachs has received billions of dollars in federal aid and built a $16.7 billion pool for employee wages and bonuses, the largest in Wall Street history since he took office.

After a brief four hour stop in New Orleans to tell the people why Bush is responsible for the delays in aid to New Orleans even though Bush has been gone for nine months, Obama went to San Francisco to spend the evening at Democratic fundraisers that cost more than $30,000 per couple to attend one event and get your picture taken with Obama. He raised about $3 million for election campaigns next year. Pelosi was there to introduce him. She must have flown in on her private government owned jet too. Two jets to San Francisco for a fund raiser would cost maybe a million dollars? Who knows?

So New Orleans still cannot get $245 million this year to rebuild their hospital but the head of Obama campaign contributor Goldman can get $70 million this year for making money off government loopholes while his staff can make $16.7 billion this year. More than $40 billion has been allocated for New Orleans, most in the three years before Obama took office, and still no hospital, no housing and limited protection from future hurricanes. The truth is New Orleans was a disaster before the disaster and had to be rebuilt to survive, with or without the hurricane.

Why don't we take a few more billions from the trillions of dollars already approved for Obama stimulus, bank bailout, insurance bailout and auto bailout bills and just buy the rest of New Orleans, rebuild it, lease it out and make money for the federal government? It would be far cheaper than an unlimited amount of federal aid being pumped into a bottomless pit.

So the media con? Nothing is really being done in New Orleans, the president was just stopping by to justify the taxpayers paying for his campaign junket to San Francisco. New Orleans still has the same problems it had when he was elected. But San Francisco has Nancy Pelosi who was waiting to introduce him to the deep pockets from Silicon Valley. So while New Orleans got a four hour stopover San Francisco and Pelosi got the president for the evening and night.

Perhaps the last recent media con was the best. If it turns out that the reality show savvy family from Colorado who supposedly lost their 6 year old son in a runaway helium balloon whose flight across Colorado dominated the television airwaves across the nation and even Europe turns out to be a staged event, then the media will look stupid.

On the CNN Larry King Show the kid, who was never on the balloon but safely hidden in an attic, did say he stayed hidden in a box in the attic to help the show. What show? The one some idiotic network will sign them to star in I guess. Here was The Washington Post internet headline about this major event.

Breaking: A Six-Year-Old Is Trapped In A Homemade Helium Balloon Over Denver

Why in the world would a runaway balloon require fulltime coverage from all the news networks, mainstream and cable, tying up the most expensive television system in the world? Fifty people being killed in Pakistan or Afghanistan would never get such live coverage. I am sick of the stupid live video feeds of car chases, truck chases, runaway helium balloons and other stunts shown almost daily on what used to be our news stations and networks.

Our news media are becoming reality shows. When we are supposed to be learning about the nation and world we watch police chases. No wonder nobody believes the news media, it is a joke. News has become entertainment and reality TV and people have no clue who or what to believe. My advice, turn the television off!


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Wade said...

Now, let's talk about Obama and yesterday's events, as well as today's in Texas.

It was reported by local radio station in New Orleans that a lot of the people in attendance were flown in with Obama. The station recommended to watch the audience in Texas today to see if we recognize any faces. BTW, our local tv stations did not switch to the 6 year balloon boy story. They also did not cover the protestors outside.

From New Orleans, Obama flew to San Francisco for fund raiser dinner. Our same radio station reported that they were informed that thousands of protestors were outside to greet him. This was not reported by any news media.

Now how about this one. Yesterday, Judge Napolitano had a debate with Clintons former speech writer. Fox News cameras were not allowed in the building. It looked as though the judge was giving a speech instead of debating. The judge reported this morning on Fox News that Clintons former speech writer did acknowledge that the health care bill will indeed cover tax paid abortions. Let's hope that someone in attendance was smart enough to record this debate. Maybe it will show up on youtube. Wake up America, now is the time to act.