Monday, September 14, 2009

Where is the Main Stream Media - Hiding Behind Obama?

On September 12 protectors descended on Washington, DC to express outrage against many of the new policies of President Obama and the mainstream media chose to totally ignore the event, drawing perhaps the largest crowds of the past year.

First reports from liberal media said about 15,00 to 25,000 attended but the turth is in the pictures that the media refused to air. As you can see from the videos in this story the crowd was most likely well over a million, as some newspapers estimated 1.5 to 2 million.

How can America learn the truth about voter outrage and how this outrage covers many topics, not just health care, when the media decides over 1 million people are not important? Do they really fear people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh so much that they can ignore the largest gathering since Obama was elected president?

People need to demand fair news coverage by our mainstream news services and what we got this past weekend was indicative how the media could care less about America and the concerns of people from throughout the nation.

Spot interviews by the Coltons Point Times with participants at the gathering found former Obama supporters who traveled thousands of miles to protect the direction of the person they elected president. Many were registered Democrats. A lot more than Glenn Beck supporters were there as you can see from the time lapsed video of the crowd marching toward the Capitol.

Wake up media and wake up Obama or the revolution will take place without you.

The following was reported in the Baltimore Examiner.

The Baltimore Examiner

The 9/12/09 Taxpayer March on Washington not being reported by the main stream media

There have not been any official estimates released yet for the number of attendees to the Taxpayer March on Washington yesterday, September 12, 2009, but there are many suggested estimates ranging from the tens of thousands up into the millions.

What is extremely disappointing is the fact that the main stream media has continued to turn their backs on reality by not reporting on the event. Americans from every walk of life showed up to express their overwhelming disapproval of how government officials are misrepresenting them, not just on the health care issue, but all around.

Tell your favorite news source to start reporting the news.


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Anonymous said...

Do you mean there are news sources other than FOX NEWS? I really would not waste my time listening to any other news coverage.In my opinion, its the only source to give fair and unbiased news. They know the American public wants to hear the truth and you just do not find that in any other news source. Thank God for FOX news and their efforts to tell it like it is.