Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama Foreign Policy - the Afghanistan Review - Does it put troops at risk?


Yet another potential disaster for this, Obama's self-declared war against terrorism. Last March he announced the adoption of a radical new strategy in Afghanistan and ordered more troops sent to the war zone. Then he fired the General heading the campaign and sent in his own man to carry it out. Now his own man has made an assessment of the last six months and concluded that unless up to 48,000 more troops are sent there our mission will fail.

We have about 63,000 troops fighting already and so far a record number of American deaths is the only major result of the Obama strategy. Even the election we were supposed to protect is mired in corruption. Obama still is a long ways from disengaging in Iraq as he promised and with the looming threat of Israeli action against Iran we could find ourselves embroiled in three wars all of a sudden as a result of the wayward foreign policy of our new president.

Perhaps more ominous is his response to the urgent analysis and request from his commanders in the war zone. Obama said he now wants to take time to review the Afghanistan strategy which he just approved and implemented six months ago before deciding what to do next. The request for more troops came from the general he sent over to implement his new strategy.

If the general does not believe we have the troop strength to succeed in our current strategy, and Obama wants to take his time and think about it before deciding, does that mean the 63,000 US forces currently on the ground fighting and dying in Afghanistan are not being protected by their own commander-in-chief the president? If the strategy is failing at the current troop level and they are fighting to carry out the strategy it would seem we are putting our own men and women at risk of death while the White House thinks about what to do next.

If there is a delay in acting because of purely partisan political purposes, it would be an unforgivable tragedy. Such a travesty would not be new to this administration as they have proven with the political use of stimulation funds, union payoffs, SEIU deals, protection of Wall Street manipulations and who knows what else.

With Obama way down in the polls and two Obama supporters who are governors and running for re-election both close to losing in the Virginia and New Jersey races this year, a delay in the troop decision might help them get elected. Why not wait six weeks until after the elections rather than further infuriate voters with unpopular action in Afghanistan?


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