Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carter Joins Left Wing Racist Apologists - Still Can't Accept 30 year old Defeat


Jimmy Carter was the nice guy who never should have been president. To this day he still is clueless how a conservative named Ronald Reagan could have defeated him when he and all liberal Democrats, one might assume, are above politics.

Well Ronnie kicked him out because Carter was totally out of touch with Mainstream America where people still believe in Constitutions, where people still believe government should not spend what it does not have, and where government should only do what can't be done by people and states.

Yesterday Carter reminded us how he remains locked in a past when he claimed all the dissenters of President Obama are racists. Unfortunately Carter has just joined the cadre of liberal race-baiting personalities trying to explain away the opposition to Obama programs and policies.

When are people like Carter going to finally figure out that people oppose you because you are out of touch, you forget you were elected to serve all the people, and maybe you aren't qualified to be in the position you sought.

Most people aren't ready to be president, but most somehow adjust to the demands of the job and the need to serve all the people. If not they get thrown out. Carter's election closed the door on a horrible time in America when an unpopular war had been fought, a president had been disgraced and tossed out, and people were fed up with politicians.

Along comes a new face to national politics and people give him a try. It took little time to realize he was not qualified. We face the same circumstance again. It is too early to determine if Obama can overcome his lack of experience and his eagerness to please Goldman Sachs, the labor unions and the left wing of the liberals, whose goals are in constant conflict. He still has time to repair the damage.

But opposition to his policies has nothing to do with racism. Oh there are still elements of racism in America and they will remain until all races stop hating. However, civilization has long ago learned to adapt to subtle prejudice. Just ask the Jewish race.

Left wing liberals in America expected to throw out the capitalist system and take a fast track to big government, socialized programs and suppression of individual rights. They attempt this foolish idea every few decades and each time reality has knocked them across the side of the head and they wake up and move to the center or get thrown out.

They easily confuse political victory with policy empowerment and suddenly a bare seven percent margin of victory like Obama received becomes a "political mandate" for change. Nonsense. It just means the last guy was not popular. So you throw a radical new agenda at the people believing they will do what you demand because you are the voice of change, and the people decide maybe you aren't the right person for the job and slap down your agenda.

If you are smart you move to the center and the people's agenda like Bill Clinton. By the way Clinton also won his first presidential election by seven percent. He put forward an aggressive liberal agenda including comprehensive health care reform, was stopped by the public, moved to the center and thereafter enjoyed a reasonably good presidency. It was a lesson Carter never understood.

Carter's era might still harbor racist views but the newer generations put racism behind them long ago. If racism was dominant in America Obama would never have been elected. He was given a chance to show us how he could reform the mess in Washington and so far he has misunderstood what reforming the political process means.

Fix the problems, throw out the crooks, prosecute the violators and protect the people. We need systematic fixes, not a philosophical overhaul. If we wanted flaming liberals or flaming conservatives running the country we would have voted for revolution, not reform. America is not about the lunatic fringes but about finding the center and serving all the people. Most important, America is about individual freedom, Christian principles and equal justice for all.

When your policies threaten to block any of those principles guiding most Americans you will fail and it won't be from racism but from intellectual constipation on your part. There is time for all politicians to wake up but that time is running out.

Give us the reforms you promised. Fix the financial system. Put the crooks in jail that stole from the American public. Lower the deficit. Get us out of wars we cannot win. Stop trying to drive God out of government because government needs God more than ever. Stop campaign corruption. And most of all stop telling us what we need, just give us what we want.

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