Monday, September 14, 2009

Kayne West the Idiot - Obama's Buddy - Ruins Taylor Swift Award


After strutting the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend with a bottle of booze in his paws Kayne West demonstrated once again why he is a fool and idiot beyond compare and Obama should stop patronizing him by inviting him to perform at the Presidential inaugural and other presidential events.

When Taylor Swift, the 17 year old country music queen took the stage to accept her first MTV Video Music Award for female video of the year Kayne interrupted her and jerked the microphone out of her hands leaving her stunned.

West and his bionic tongue then said Swift did not deserve to win the award and it should have been given to his friend Beyonce whose video was the best in the world. The debacle left Swift in tears as her time to thank people ran out.

If a white person had jumped on stage on national television and Beyonce had won the award and the intruder had said a white singer had the best video in the world the liberals and Black leaders would have been up in arms screaming racial bias, much like Obama did when police ticketed his good friend from Harvard earlier this summer.

Reverse discrimination and racial bias are real problems but actions like that of our president and entertainers like Kayne West only serve to further polarize the nation. Perhaps they should try setting an example for a change rather than rushing to judgment.

First there was the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Obama's preacher of 20 years and mentor to the president who was a raving racist. Then came the Cambridge, Massachusetts police who Obama said, "acted stupidly" for bringing disorderly conduct charges against Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The incident, Obama said, shows "how race remains a factor in this society."

Van Jones was next, close friend and key advisor who was an avowed racist and communist on the staff in the White House when the press caught up with him and forced him to resign. The latest person is Kayne. stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift on national teleivsion. There seems to be a pattern here.

Of course West is not new to such displays of gutter class as he twice before interrupted award shows to protest the winners when he was left out. MYV should ban the fool from all future shows if they were more interested in class than ratings.

To her credit, Beyonce demonstrated class and maturity whenn she won an award later and called Taylor up to finish the speech motor mouth had interrupted. Now Beyonce showed what real class is all a bout.

Shame on you Kayne, and please Obama stop giving this little person more publicity than he deserves. At least take him off your Christmas Card list if you have one.

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