Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The People's Palin is Back Barack -To Slay the Liberal Dragons


Almost one year ago today (August 29, 2008) a young woman stepped from the backwoods of Alaska to the forefront of American politics when John McCain nominated Sarah Palin to be his candidate for Vice President. For the past year the liberal media and Obama gang have undertaken the most brutal campaign of character assassination, smear tactics and fear mongering ever launched against any candidate in America political history unleashing the powerful network media, MSNBC campaign office, late night talk show hosts and Hollywood celebrities to destroy the credibility of Sarah.

It seems none of the nation's elite could stand a woman, hockey mom, mother of a soldier in Iraq, keeper of family values, avid hunter and fisherman, someone not afraid to stand up for Christian morals and a fighter for the rights of the forgotten with a rock star following. It was a brutal massacre but Sarah Palin never lost sight of those she was fighting for along the way.

Well they blew it. Just a couple of weeks ago Palin, long thought dead by the liberal media, single handedly might have slammed the door shut on Obama's effort to stampede Congress into a radical socialized health program. Suddenly the president and vice president of the United States were stuck responding to the voice of the people and make no mistake, Sarah Palin has legions of people behind her in spite of everything the Obama machine and far left Liberals have done to annihilate her.

Now, as the 1st anniversary has just passed since she was thrust into the international spotlight and promptly mauled by the elitists, liberals and socialists behind Obama, their worst nightmare has come true. Free of the hassles of the governor's office Palin has a received over 1,000 invitations to speak around the world before she was even available to speak and she has now retained one of the most powerful speaking bureaus in America, the Washington Speaker's Bureau, to chart out her new course of winning back America for Americans.

Left for dead in the Alaska tundra, Palin quietly took to the Internet and used Facebook to build an organization of over 800,000 people hungry to set the record straight. Obama took great pains to diminish Palin's experience as governor and mayor but after 7 months as president, it appears he has demonstrated that he was the one lacking in experience. Those 800,000 Palin fans are a drop in the bucket in terms of her support as a recent poll showed Palin behind Obama just 48-42% and she was never even a candidate for president.

Those women trapped in the liberal causes will always hate Palin because she is not one of them but those women represent a very small but vocal group in America. Many more millions of women and men still believe in our Constitution, still believe our nation was founded on Christian principles, still believe politicians must be stopped before they destroy America, and are not afraid to fight for the people in America with no voice in Washington.

The only thing worse for Obama and the liberal elitists than Palin hitting the international speaking circuit would be if Roger Ailes, the genius behind the Fox News rating machine, decides she deserves to host her own national TV show for the millions of Americans dissatisfied with the Obama gang and their efforts to hijack the American government.

I have worked with Roger on campaigns in the past and his record of introducing the Mike Douglas Show, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Glen Beck over the years has demonstrated his insight and ability to be far more in touch with mainstream America than the liberal left dominating the TV airways. The People's Palin would be a natural fit for those seeking truth and standing on principle.

Now that we have seen what the Obama experience has brought to the presidency, maybe it is about time we join the millions of others and give a fair chance to someone who really had the strength of conviction and resistance to distortion to speak up for the forgotten Americans. I suspect the newly resurrected Palin will be swinging a sword every bit as powerful as St. Michael as she continues her odyssey to slay the dragons of lies and distortion and restore truth to America. Go Sarah Go!!!

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GTR said...

I totally agree in your analysis.

There are two types of conservatives.

The elitists: The ones that forced me to vote straight Democratic in 2006.

The populist: The one that forced me to take a second look to Republican candidates in 2008. Sadly, there was only one at the moment. Her name is Sarah Palin.