Thursday, September 03, 2015

Tens of Thousands of Syrian Refugees caught in Bureaucratic Red Tape as Children Die


Warning: this article contains images
that readers may find distressing

Meet three-year-old Aylan Kurd and his five-year-old brother Galip.  This was before they were caught in a cross fire of the war between the Islamic extremists and Kurds in Syria.  Survival depended on their families reaching the shores of Europe before getting killed in the bombing.

Here is Aylan Kurd yesterday, on the beach in Greece, where he, his brother, and mother all died when they were in sight of freedom.

We are in the midst of a refugee crisis exasperated by politics that is killing thousands of people while bureaucrats hide behind EU laws wholly unsuited for the world of today.  I say "we" because our United States policy toward Iraq and Syria and our military action is the cause for the 11 million people fleeing those countries and landing in no man's land.

Look at the numbers of Syrians alone fleeing the war zone for a better life for their families.  These are the latest estimates of the human carnage.

300,000 Dead
1,200,000 injured
11,000,000 Displaced

America has been surprisingly quiet about the tragedy unfolding in the EU while Pope Francis and other world leaders have sounded the alarm.  All the more surprising since we built the coalition to go to war against Syria and ISIS.

However, the time for talking is over.  We must pressure the EU to suspend or modify their rules requiring the registration of refugees at the borders and allow the immediate and free movement of the thousands of families caught in the bureaucratic snafu, to get to the countries where they are welcome.

The people of Europe are among the most generous in the world.  They are prepared to house and feed the starving refugees.  Germany, France, and other countries stand ready to save a generation of Middle Eastern children if the bureaucrats would just allow them to pass through border countries to the destinations waiting to help.

We cannot stand by and watch.  Demand action.  Save lives.  Protect our children!

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