Monday, September 28, 2015

Obamaville September 28 - USA Hit by 8.2 Earthquake as Pope Francis, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Russian President Vladimir Putin converge on America


What a week of astounding foreign influence on America as Pope Francis led a trio of international heavyweights onto American soil resulting in a seismic tsunami of epic proportions when it comes to America's role in the world, and the American agenda at home.

Pope Francis stopped in Cuba on the way and blew the doors off the Communist regime with his non-threatening message of peace and call to end the Cuban embargo by America.  Once the Cuban people saw Cuban President Raul Castro at the Pope's side for every Mass he delivered, they came out by the millions to welcome the Prince of Peace from the Vatican.

Next, the Pope journeyed to the heart and soul of America as millions flocked to hear his message in Washington, D.C., New York City, and the City of Brotherly love Philadelphia.  The first Jesuit Priest to become Pope in history and the first Pope ever from the Americas stunned the news media and politicians as he took on the most contentious and divisive issues of the day.

In our nation's capitol, he was the first Pope to address a joint session of Congress and he literally brought down the house.  In the process he inspired the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, to resign from his position as third in line for the presidency, and his congressional seat from Ohio.

The smiling, soft-spoken Pope from Argentina taught all the politicians a lesson on humility, service, and love for all human beings.  Clearly uncomfortable with the royalty and riches of capitalism, he became energized, and animated when diving into the crowds to embrace the handicapped, kiss the babies, take selfies with the youth, and highlight the rich American heritage resulting from open borders.

No matter how serious or contentious the issue, the Pope did not hesitate to embrace it from immigration reform to abortion, neglect of the elderly to refugees in Syria, the need for giving hope to the masses to the shame of sexual abuses in the church.  His visits to Harlem, to programs providing care for the downtrodden, to meeting prison inmates, overshadowed his amazing addresses to congress and the United Nations.

Whether the 266th Pope was meeting in the White House with the 44th President of the United States, or addressing the United Nations General Assembly in their 70th year in existence, the Pope cast an amazing aura.  The fact the Popes have been around for 1,982 years, and he was the direct line of succession from St. Peter the apostle who walked with Jesus Christ, gave a mystical quality to the joyful and hopeful Pope.

His words struck at the very heart of humanity when he said sexual abuse by priests and others caused, "God to weep."  His insistence that climate change required action for the good of our future generations, or that the sanctity of life must be protected from the womb to the end of life, resulting in his call for an end to the death penalty, left pundits gasping for air.

The gentle smile from this 78-year-old pontiff allowed all Americans and citizens of the world to hear his words, not just the 1.2 billion Catholics, and his Inter-faith service at Ground Zero of the World Trade Center of New York with clergy from every major religion of the world proved he was serious.

As the Pope was flying from Washington to New York the Chinese President, Xi Jinping and his wife were arriving at the White House.  As leader of the second most powerful economy in the world, Obama has accused China of many things, including every major cyber attack on the US.

In addition, China has expanded their defense capability and violated the territorial rights of islands off the coast of China by building an airport at that location.  It seems the islands are near major Pacific shipping lanes.

Of course, the USA has been using cyber attacks and infiltration and monitoring of computers and phones for fifteen years against foreign countries.  The big difference is Edward Snowden proved we do it while the Obama administration cannot prove the Chinese did.

President Xi Jinping immediately announced plans by China to reduce their military by 300,000 soldiers, ten percent of their entire army.  Then he agreed to secure international approval of the island annexation, and said China would commit to participating in the climate change treaty in November.  As one of the biggest polluters in the world because of their rapidly expanding economy, it shocked world leaders China was prepared to do their part.

By now, the Pope and Chinese president had beaten Obama by embracing massive and significant changes in the world landscape without being told to or lectured by America. Unfortunately, for the president, the world was not through with him.

On Saturday with the Pope in Philadelphia and Chinese President on his way to the United Nations in NYC, Russian President Putin requested a meeting with Obama.  Now Putin is the one world leader who can get to the president just by opening his mouth or smiling.

Obama has refused to meet with Putin for over two years because Putin snatched Crimea back from the Ukraine and Russia is still causing fits in the Ukraine.  As Obama waffled on whether to meet Putin, Russia also announced approval of a new security pact with Syria, Iran, and Iraq, stunning the American intelligence services when he made the announcement, the same day as his meeting request.

Syria is Obama's greatest foreign policy failure, Iraq is the biggest war disaster for Obama, and Iran only agreed to limiting production of nuclear weapons because Russia (Putin) and China were partners in the negotiations.  Suddenly, Obama found himself shoved off the stage of public opinion by the Pope, China, and Russia, and it was all happening on American soil.

Stay tuned for the results.

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