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Note to Readers - Are You Ready for the End of Gaia? [Do you even know what it means?]


In case you might be wondering why I published five straight articles on what appears to be prophecy and the End Times, I thought I might explain.  Sadly, it has nothing to do with some great conspiracy theory in which Revelations, Armageddon, and some very odd aliens, the non-human variety, all collide and/or invade Earth at the same time.

Let us see, there were the empires of Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, England, France, Russia, Nazi Germany, Cuba, Soviet Union, Cuba again, a bunch like that, and each has pretty much vanished from our consciousness.

The way I see it, we do not need any help from outside the Earth to destroy ourselves.  Think about it.  The universe is 13.8 billion years old, the Earth 4.5 billion years old, animals and dinosaurs 200 million years old, and modern humans 200,000 years old.  Of course, there were sub-humans before modern humans and those subs were around maybe 6,000,000 years.

Which means, if you are into evolution, it took us 5.8 million years to advance from a monkey to a moron, I mean early modern human.  Then it took only a couple of hundred thousand years to get from early modern human to what we are today.  How depressing.

In the end it means no matter which form of man you choose, the first creature that was our ancestor was no more than six million years ago.  Therefore, all forms of man have been here for no more than six million years, the earth 4.5 billion years, and the universe 13.8 billion years.

No doubt about it, we were the last to show up and are the aliens here on earth.  No wonder Mother Earth and all the animals and fish and bugs and vegetation hate us.  We destroyed more of earth in 200,000 years than all of creation destroyed in 13.8 billion years.

Real Alien
Take my advice we do not really want to acknowledge we are the aliens.  Trump would have us all deported to Pluto.  Besides, I have seen a real alien and we do not look at all like them.  Check out the only official alien to have met with our government.  I think they found this photo on Hillary's server.  Believe it or not, it is the real deal.

However, you can forget all that, it may not be important.  You see, in addition to all the scientists, religious folks, politicians, preachers, poets, and perverts who are trying to make us fear the future, there is one other secret group I know who seem to be intent on taking care of themselves, forget humanity.

There is THE Network, the most secret of the secret societies.  This top secret society is a collection of channels, as in the people who let dead people talk to you through them.  If each of these channels can communicate with the dead, and very long dead, or God even, then there could be some wild magic in the air.

There have been gatherings of a handful of these gifted players, to share ideas and help interpret the information that is coming in through them, and the results are a bit disturbing.  The good news is we have people like them around who can tap into something supernatural rather than everyone else's computer, phone, and emails


First, I just want to pass on to you some information about the conclusion of the cartel of channels.  Those strange voices talking into their ears told them the time is up.  No longer can all those other aliens out there in the universe just stand by while we destroy Mother Earth.

Aliens or not, we have to be the greatest entertainment act in all the universes.  You never hear about the other alien races because all those universal creatures and the celestial beings who are supposed to guide them are too busy watching us.

So, the real news is that the beginning of the end will officially start September 13, in just three days.  I thought it was a bit cruel to wait until such a late date before telling us but no one really understands how aliens from other planets think do they?

You might ask what does such a warning mean.  First, let me share a little background.  This particular secret society has long maintained, along with the Hopi Indian prophecy I might add, that our planet entered the time of the Purification a few years ago.

The closer we get to the end of the Purification, time will begin speeding up, and this period is called the Quickening.  Now we are at the end of the Quickening.  The end result is the Earth is Purified through a process of raising the frequency of Earth.  When it reaches a certain level the Earth will transform, or ascend, or morph into a new planet in a higher dimension.

Those humans who are aware of this coming change, the enlightened ones, have been working to make their bodies lighter, in terms of bulk, density, and frequency, for years in some cases.  As the Earth shifts frequency and initiates the transformation, only those "light" bodies will travel with the Earth into a higher frequency and dimension.

This opportunity to leave behind politics, Democrats, Republicans, hatred, hunger, crime, murders, terrorism, wars, refugees, illegal aliens, environmental issues, etc., etc., will take place starting the 13th and the window of opportunity will close about October 15 of this year.  That gives you about 30 days to escape to a new world full of love, health, friends, no evil, and no politicians.

So how do we know this is real?  According to the channeled entities from beyond Earth and our reality, starting the 13th all the institutions of the world will begin collapsing and be finished collapsing by October 15.  Institutions include everything from religions to political systems, schools, the rich, the banking institutions, governments, et al.

If you have not joined a channel cult by now it may be too late.  So what happens to those who do not transform into light bodies?  For a time, all those channel entities said the old Earth would remain here, stuck in a limbo existence, and the losers would remain forever forgotten to those achieving the higher level.        

More recently, they stopped mentioning the world left behind, as if there would be a delete button and once pushed the old Earth and losers would vanish into the current universe as atoms I suppose.  I am not much into losing anyway.

The bottom line is, a whole bunch of bad and good stuff is going to happen very rapidly, and you might want to be on the right side.

Just remember, this information is coming from entities not of the Earth, through channels to the Earth.  Over the years, there have been several predictions of the date of the end of times by some of the entities, much like the Jehovah's Witnesses used to periodically predict the end of the world, and we are still stuck here.

According to my sources, it is unusual for all the different channels to agree since they all make a lot of money selling video tapes, audio tapes, books, and most likely survival manuals while competing for the public attention.

In addition to the collapse of institutions, another sign of the times may be a major physical or natural disaster during this period.  Either way we should know.  The last major natural event killed off all the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago when a comet crashed to Earth.

Now you know why I ran a series of end time articles this week, just in case they may be right.  One never knows the truth when it comes to unverifiable predictions until the time has come and passed.

My advice, hug a human before October 15, it may be the last time they have enough density to feel it.

[Definition of Gaia]

Gaia (GAY-uh)
The Greek goddess of the Earth and primal mother figure, who gave birth to the sky, the mountains, and the sea. She was also the mother of the giant Titans and the Cyclopes.

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