Sunday, September 13, 2015

Welcome to Day One - The End of the World!


September 13, 2015

For those of you following the panel of channels predicting the time has begun for the ascension of Earth, and those fortunate enough to be enlightened so they can make the ascension with Earth, we dedicate this song.

As you probably do not know, September 13, 2015 is the beginning of the last days on Earth according to a number of prominent channels.  Between now and October 15, if they are right, there could be massive natural disasters along with the collapse of the institutions of Earth like, the financial banks, governments, religions, etc., etc.

As we  enter the final days of the Purification and Quickening, perhaps the following songs will help keep you focused. It is the same song on both videos.

Sketter Davis

Lena Zavaroni


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