Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Publisher's Note - Count Down to the End of the World - 16 days


As we close in on the last days of mankind according to the gaggle of channels and their party line IPhones with the Gods,  I thought I might suggest some things to do in preparation.

1.  Do not take your money out of the bank as the interstellar chatter might be wrong.  Besides, what would you do with it anyway.

2.  You might want to go visit someone you actually like just in case you are stuck with the same person in your next life you were with when it ended.

3.  If you have a bucket list you only have two weeks to complete it.  Consider revising the list.

4.  Should you have sensitive documents, like love letters to someone other than your wife or husband, you might want to burn them in case you get zapped out of here and your spouse is left behind and might find them.  You never know, he or she might hire a shaman to curse you in your next lifetime.

5.  In the unlikely event you have the opportunity to recreate yourself in your next lifetime you best decide who you want to be and secure a picture to take with you to give to the angel in charge of your new you.

6.  Figure out a way to practice being weightless since they claim you will have a light body, as in enlightened I presume rather than simply skinny.  You might try driving over hills fast to get that weightless feeling.


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