Monday, March 24, 2014

The Obama Report Card - It's time to correct our mistakes


Save a few billion dollars and fix what is broken - Romney in 2016

I doubt many people, Democrats in particular, want to review the consequences of having elected Barack Obama to the presidency the last two elections.  First there were the empty promises whose failure was blamed on Bush even though the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate the last two years Bush was president and the first two years under Obama.

Blaming Bush for what had to be approved by Congress is just plain hypocritical yet what did happen is we got ourselves into an economic quagmire the likes of which we haven't seen since the Great Depression.

Still, it was obvious to candidate Obama in 2008 that we were in the midst of an economic catastrophe and if elected he would have to get us through the mess.  So he spent a billion dollars on his campaign and won with 52.9 percent of the vote, a mandate in the eyes of the Main Street media.

Now I admit I don't understand Ivy League math anymore than I understand voodoo economics but I do know a little about numbers and I know if just 4 tenths of 1% of the vote had voted for McCain instead of Obama then McCain would have been president.  Since when was less than 1% a mandate?

So we got Obama and soon it became obvious the promises of hope, deficit reductions, withdrawal from wars, working together, serving all Americans, immigration reform, closing Guantanamo prison and re-establishing America's prominence in the world were nothing more than typical campaign promises, empty promises at that.

Obama did bail out General Motors (who benefited from that?) and the banks but about 7 million people still are not working nearly 6 years later and no fat cat crooks are in jail.  He also gave us ObamaCare, which he personally guaranteed would lower the cost of health care, lower the cost of insurance premiums, let you keep your old doctor and let you keep your health insurance.

Thanks to his health care program he got re-elected in 2012, this time with just 51.1% of the vote after spending yet another billion dollars in his campaign.  Two billion dollars spent by Obama in just two campaigns could have fed a lot of hungry children and met the health care needs of a lot of refugees from his failed foreign policy.

Once again his Main Street media called it a mandate and a vindication of ObamaCare since there was absolutely nothing else to show for the first four years and by now the national debt had more than doubled since Bush left office.

The Obama 2012 people's mandate shrunk in half from 2008 and now a change of just 2 tenths of 1% of the vote would have made Mitt Romney president. 

As for his 2008 promises, he did pass health care reform but everything else remained as it was before he got into office.  Oh he did end the war in Iraq if you called leaving thousands of Americans behind ending anything and now more Iraq civilians than ever are being killed in sectarian violence.

As for the glorious ObamaCare promises, so far, none of those promises have come true.  Oh yes, and the national debt has now soared to over $17 trillion and Obama has no intention of fixing our future.

He ran on the platform that he had experience but I think we realize now that being a community organizer and part time state and federal senator does not substitute for real, hands on experience in the big jobs, the tough decisions and the ability to bring people together.

Ironically he also treated his opponent Mitt Romney mockingly and with derision when Mitt said Putin was a danger to our foreign policy and Obama scolded him that the Cold War was over and Russia being a threat to anyone ended in the 1980's.

In hindsight Obama might have been a little less arrogant as Russia has blocked his every move on Syria, Iran and North Korea not to mention destabilizing Europe as he stole Crimea from the Ukraine and has amassed troops on the border of the Ukraine as we await his next move.  Some paper tiger that Putin and again Romney was right but I hear no apology from the Obama camp.


This year he will lose control of both the House and Senate and it will take Hollywood spin the likes of which we haven't seen since the Clinton administration to hear what kind of mandate he has for his last two years in office, spin like I didn't inhale or I didn't really have sex.

What America needs is a Reagan type with real world experience, a demonstrated ability to work with both political parties, experience running a real office and organization, maturity in respecting all nations and peoples of the world, common sense, and is not enamored with the Hollywood crowd.  We need a break from politics and politicians.  Peace, stability, real hope, and integrity are sorely lacking in Washington but Romney just might be able to deliver them.

Oh my gosh, isn't that the choice we had in 2012 when 2 tenths of one percent too many of the people believed the Obama health care promises and re-elected him.  As I recall, Mitt Romney offered all those alternatives to the young, hip and confident candidate Obama.

If we only valued experience more than flash, maturity more than stubbornness, compassion more than partisanship and integrity more than expediency think how different things might be right now.

There are a host of good Republican candidates poised to run for president in 2016 but with Obama a sitting, lame duck president and his hands tied by a GOP congress you can bet the partisan rhetoric will be turned up even higher than right now.

Do we really want to spend billions trying to decide who should be president when we already vetted one candidate who survived the Obama onslaught and the media manipulation, was every bit the gentleman we sorely miss, has proven he can work with people of both parties for the public good, and even got health care right when he implemented it in Massachusetts?

Mitt Romney is still out there and time and again he has answered the call to public service whether in state or federal government or the Olympics.  He doesn't need to spend a billion dollars to tell you who he is.  He does know how to fix the economy, implement health care, and gain the respect of foreign nations.  Finally, he would have a great group of young and aspiring Republican governors and members of congress to bring into his administration.

Think about it.  It's never too late to admit a mistake and correct it.

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