Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obamaville March 18, 2014 - Obama who? What foreign policy?


There are times when it seems the entire liberal social establishment in America has obliterated the memory of our sitting president from their minds, and thus from the news as well.

You see, when you control the media YOU decide what fodder to feed the foolish public and mums the word when it comes to the former darling of the liberal left.
One must admit that they have had quite a run of back luck or silly policy which ever you care to believe.
There is the case of promising to end the wars his first two years as president, made nearly six years ago by my math.  More people are being killed since we left Iraq than when we were there.  So much for bringing peace to the birthplace of civilization.
The only reason we will be out of Afghanistan by the end of this, his 6th year, is because President Hamid Karzai GCMG is throwing us out.  With the Taliban radicals patiently waiting across the border in Pakistan for us to leave, don't count on much peace there.
Then there was Libya, Egypt, Iran and Syria where revolts were won and lost and each time the people moved farther and farther away from good relations with America.  Did I mention Benghazi and the murder of our ambassador and other Americans?
Now, with the fracturing of the Ukraine and separation of Crimea American foreign policy is more fitted to cartoons, Saturday Night Live skits and MAD magazine than any serious strategic consideration.
Add to that the NSA scandals.  It's bad enough spying on your own people let alone spying on the leaders of your closest allies so no wonder the administration has a propensity to shoot itself in the foot.
Don't you find it rather ironic that our spy agencies can look down from satellites and read what kind of cigarette pack you have in your hand but they can't find an airplane, Flight 777, bigger than three football fields?
Now all those foreign failures alone are more than enough pain and consternation for most politicians but foreign policy failures are just the tip of the iceberg and Obama's Titanic billion dollar political machine long ago slammed into the iceberg.
When the truth of the past four years slaps the liberals across the side of the head they will also realize their last great hope, Hillary Clinton, is also on that same Titanic sinking swiftly to the ocean's floor because her fingerprints are right there along with the president in planning and carrying out the toxic foreign policy disasters.
It will take a lot more than an ex-president from Hope, Arkansas to salvage the colossal failures the Obama Dream brought us.  Speaking of ex-presidents, the public is yet to be told the truth about how the Clinton administration was responsible for gutting energy and financial regulations that enabled the greatest Wall Street scandals in our nation's history, scandals in which the perpetrators have yet to see a day behind bars at the expense of the government.
The biggest danger to the Democratic party in losing control of the Senate this year and the White House in two years is not that they will lose their liberal stronghold in Obama and Harry Reid, because most of the Obama agenda has not been enacted, even during the two years the Democrats controlled everything.
No, I suspect their biggest fear is the danger that could result in vigorous and long over due prosecution of those people and institutions who plotted with the Clinton administration to bend the rules and make a huge windfall profit while gutting the federal treasury and leaving the people on the brink of personal bankruptcy.
A Republican president and congress just might decide it is time the people know the truth about the energy price spikes, the home mortgage collapse, the Wall Street shenanigans, bailouts, payoffs and 401k retirement disasters brought about since the Clinton presidency.
The next Obamaville article will focus on more of the Obama legacy in terms of his domestic affairs record from the endless stream of broken promises to the few successes that mutated into disasters.

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