Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Pope and the President - the Peoples' Pals


Today President Obama had his first face-to-face meeting with the popular new renegade running the Roman Catholic Vatican, Pope Francis, already revered as the People's Pope.  In the hours before the meeting the Vatican leaked out that Obama was really no stranger to the Catholic faith as he was close to the Catholic Church in Chicago and even received a grant from the church to jump start his career as a community organizer.

Of course he followed that up with his joining the congregation of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the fire brand Obama family friend and preacher who preached himself out of the Obama campaign for sermons like his "White folks' greed runs a world in need" racist rants.  However, since taking over the White House Obama has downplayed his religion, but not his spirituality I might add, and seldom attends church.

Pope Francis lives in a church when he is not out shattering all Vatican protocols and sharing dinner with the people, kissing babies, washing feel, tending to the sick, hugging humans, and acting like, well, like Jesus must have intended it in ministering to the masses.

So how about some comparative factoids?

How many popes have there been?
Pope Francis is pope number 266.

How many presidents have there been?
Barack Obama is president number 44.

How old is the Roman Catholic Church?
The church is 1,981 years old.

How old is the United States?
The USA is 238 years old.

How many constituents does the Pope serve?
There are 1.211 billion Roman Catholics.

How many constituents does the president serve?
There are 317 million Americans including DC.

How many countries have Catholics?
There are 201 countries with Catholic population.

How many countries have US citizens?
There is one country and six territories with US citizens.
(District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa & Northern Mariana Islands - about 1 million people total - 600,000+ in DC)

How many Catholics in United States?
There are 78.2 million Catholics.

How many Democrats in USA?
There about 86 million Democrats.

How many Catholics support Democrats in USA?
In 1964 80-90% supported Democrats but recent elections 50%.

What does that mean?
In order to win president a democrat must get over 50% of the Catholic vote.

What is the Pope's approval rating among Catholics?
The Pope has an 88% approval rating among Catholics.

What is the President's approval rating among Democrats?
The President has an 80% approval rating among Democrats.

What is the Pope's approval rating among all Americans?
The Pope has a 63% approval rating among all Americans.

What is the President's approval  rating among all Americans?
The President has a 41% approval rating among all Americans.

Francis is the first pope from South America.
Obama is the first Black to be president.

There you have it.  And by the way, America never sends it's leader anywhere without adequate protection and support staff so our president was accompanied by 700 security, staffers and White House press corps.  Good thing Michelle wasn't with him since she was off for two weeks in China with her daughters and mother and a few hundred more security and staff personnel.

The agenda in Rome, well that remains to be seen what was really discussed because no matter what the similarities between the two and their policies of embracing the poor there are some stark and highly explosive policy differences between them including ObamaCare forcing the church hospitals to dispense contraceptives, gay marriage, wars, massive refugee concerns and others.  

As the truth of what happened behind closed doors leaks out we will report on the latest developments.  By the way, did I mention Putin beat him to the Pope stopping by the Vatican on his way to hijacking Crimea?

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