Friday, January 07, 2011

Obamaville January 7 - Where do we go from here?


After several weeks of treatment in Kentucky for an as yet undefined ailment that nearly left me helpless 2010 has been quite a forgettable year.  Still we had elections that left heads spinning in Washington, there was a lame duck congress that did not act lame at all, Obama and the Republicans made peace at least long enough to give us the tax cuts we already had along with a few other goodies, and for a time things have been almost normal in our nation if not the world.

Since the beginning of the new year the White House staff has been gutted, Obama has appointed an insider from his public enemy number one, Wall Street, as his new chief of staff, and he is out to make peace between the president and the business community.

I don't know about you but I still remember Obama was financed by Wall Street in the last campaign while spending almost $1 billion getting elected and since he was elected only the executives on Wall Street seem to be benefitting during the recession with billions of dollars in bonuses.  I guess the media forgot all about that.

No one in the new era of the enlightened US capitol from the president to congress to the media is talking about campaign finance reform needed to stop special interests from continuing to control Washington with their millions of dollars in campaign contributions.  We have a long ways to go to return government to the people.

The politicians all talk about creating jobs, and I guess after three years of a terrible recession and the midterm election debacle that is a good thing, but why did it take so long for them to figure it out?  Once again the liberals are on the outsided looking in as the nation again regained it's conservative leaning mid ground.  That means MSNBC has to change their tone to get good guests.

Some trends are a little unnerving like the average American now watches 34 hours of television a week.  Maybe that explains why we are sicker and fatter than ever.  Add to that the addiction of youth to the computer, IPad, cellphone, texting, social networking, and all the other electronic distractions from reality and one wonders if their radiation soaked brains will survive long enough for them to ever collect Social Security.  Maybe that crisis isn't such a crisis?

The Obamacare program to control health costs has already brought us health insurance increases from 18% in Iowa to 59% in California while escalating rates for medical treatment and drugs continue unabated.  In response to the massive increase in health insurance premiums since the beginning of the New Year Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services now admits there is nothing the president can do about it.  So why are we spending $1.3 trillion for Obamacare if we can't control the costs?

Oh we have a long ways to go to solve health care, along with pension problems in government, particularly states, getting out of two wars, beginning to address the housing crisis, overcoming the recession, bringing honesty back to government and business, and a host of other issues.  That is why I will continue reporting on the good, bad and ugly while trying to find real hope in our future.

More than anything else we need the truth and truth is what I seek in the sugarcoated world of politics.




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