Thursday, January 20, 2011

What in the World is Going on in Russia?


I love the history, culture and people of Russia and having travelled there a few years ago it only deepened my fascination with this ancient land.  Even wrote a book about the nation called "Saviors of the 20th Century, Hitler & Stalin - the War of Annihilation between the Nazis and Communists".

It details some of the darker moments in the history of Russia and Germany and when you read it you appreciate even more how the people of Russia have survived and overcome centuries of repression, war and tragedy.

When one thinks of Russia it brings thoughts of the Soviet empire and Cold War and the ruthless military machine that controlled the country.  Then a friend sent me a video showing the Russian Army choir today and you simply won't believe it.

This is a performance by the Red Army Choir of Russia recently and when they break out into "Let My People Go" in English it is impossible to believe it is the same army that supressed the people.  What a great indication of change in Russia.  Double click on video to enlarge.

So I dug a little deeper and found another performance by the Red Army on the popular Eurovision Show in 2009, yes the same show that brought us Abba and Charlotte Church among many singers.  In this video the Choir is performing with a band of Roma gypsies, rthe very same people who were persecuted under the Soviet Union.  My how times have changed.  Double click on video to enlarge.

Red Army Choir - 2009 Eurovision Competition

Finally, to help you remember the old Soviet Union army, here is a video of a performance when the Army was still under Communist rule.  However, it has been edited into a Russian Army break dance video that showes the deep sense of humore of rthe Russian people.

Enjoy this glimpse of how history can change.  Double click on video to enlarge.

Red Army Break Dance


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