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Media in America - The Silence on Abortions - Philadelphia Abortion Clinic

The "house of horrors"... The Women's Medical Society in Philadelphia, where Dr Kermit Gosnell allegedly made millions from abortions. Photo: AP
Whether you are pro-life or pro-abortion in America you should be outraged by the near silence in the media concerning one of the greatest atrocities in history in which a doctor in Philadelphia has now been charged with the murder of 7 babies and two pregnant mothers, and is suspected in the murder of perhaps thousands of babies through illegal abortions. All of this took place in a licensed abortion clinic.

The full story on this barbaric and outrageous tragedy follows at the end of my comments because it is possibly just the tip of the iceberg in uncovering abortion mills harvesting late term babies for profit from medical insurance and for selling the remains to genetic labs seeking stem cells. We know the doctor earned over $1.8 million per year from the poor.

Most people are unaware that over 1.2 million legal abortions are performed a year in the US thanks to Roe versus Wade. This story seems to indicate some legal clinics are a cover for sinister acts that defy description.

Preliminary statistics indicate that in spite of his promise not to increase abortions after he took office, under President Obama abortions have reversed a nearly four decade decline in the abortion rate and are increasing.

Few people know that in the most recent statistics, 2009, 24% of all pregnancies terminated in abortion. In New York City 39% of all pregnancies are terminated by abortion. All of this has led to a total of 52 million deaths by abortion in America since the passage of Roe versus Wade in 1973.

Yet this recent story of the Philadelphia abortion debacle and the silence by the liberal mainstream media is truly a cause for concern. This case of reality makes a Stephen King novel seem mild in its horrific implications from the total lack of state or federal inspections ( the Philly clinic was last inspected in 1993), to the flagrant violation of federal law (Roe says abortions must be performed before the last trimester yet many by the doctor was after the fetus had fully developed into a living baby). Add to that the potential for harvesting the fetuses for sale to labs involved in stem cell and other medical research and we have a nightmare of epic proportions.

Today our mainstream and cable media are headlining with the mob bust in New York in which 127 mob members were arrested for a host of crimes including a handful of murders. Since it is the Obama Attorney General announcing the bust the news conference gets live coverage and it is the leading national story.

Yet 150 miles away in Philadelphia a doctor is arrested for what may be thousands of murders using an abortion clinic for a front and no media seems to be covering the story. What is wrong with America? Are a handful of mob hits far more important than the slaughter of thousands of innocent unborn babies?

Here is the story as it appeared on today.

Abortion Clinic Last Inspected In 1993

DA: 'Thousands' Of Babies Likely Met Demise There

Updated: Thursday, 20 Jan 2011, 11:50 AM EST
Published : Thursday, 20 Jan 2011, 8:35 AM EST

PHILADELPHIA - The West Philadelphia clinic where an abortion doctor is accused of murdering seven babies and one woman hadn't been inspected since 1993, the city's district attorney told "Good Day" Thursday morning.

We first told you about Dr. Kermit Gosnell last February. That's when he got his license suspended after a raid uncovered fetuses in jars inside his clinic.

Nearly a year later, he is facing murder charges.

Gosnell's wife and eight others are also under arrest after the 11-month grand jury probe that uncovered hundreds of late-term abortions by him and his staff.

We want to warn you what you are about to read or hear in the video report is graphic.

"This is very, very sad, and just the barbarism that was visited upon the women that went there for legal abortions and illegal abortions is just horrific," Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said. "I mean, again, we came across this house of horrors as a result of a drug investigation."

Detectives and other law enforcement went to the practice because Gosnell also had the largest pill-mill in Philadelphia, giving illegal prescriptions for Oxycontin and other painkillers, Williams explained.

"When they went there to do this investigation, they stumbled upon all these bags of fetal remains. There were body parts, severed feet in jars. He had even in the refrigerator where the employees had their lunches were body parts and fetuses. … It's very disgusting, very disturbing."

When Fox 29's Sheinelle Jones asked about the others who worked at the clinic, Williams gave the example of a student at University City High School who was performing anesthesia – creating the concoctions of Demerol to be given to patients.

"He was the only doctor really that was working there, but he wasn't a board-certified gynecologist or obstetrician. He shouldn't have been performing these," Williams said.

Did the others at the clinic think they were doing the women a service?

The D.A. answered, "He actually had them under his control – the long hours that they worked there, the very small pay – he controlled these people. But, again, this isn't about abortion or morality. There are people on both extremes. This isn't about if it's good or bad. This is about murder. This is about women that were given too much anesthesia by people who weren't trained, that died. This is about him inducing labor, babies being born alive, crying, writhing, moving, kicking and screaming like babies – I've had three daughters, have watched them be born – and then taking scissors and putting them to the spine of the baby, severing the spinal cord of a live baby. That's what this is about. This isn't about whether abortion is good or bad. This is about homicide."

It's not an abortion, he said, because it's alleged that these were vaginal births with babies born alive and breathing.

As for whether the mothers seeking late-term abortions are culpable, Williams explained that Pennsylvania law protects women who have abortions even if they know that they're illegal.

"You cannot have an abortion in Pennsylvania beyond the 24th week. He specialized, people came from all around the country because they knew that he would provide abortions that no one else would, even up to the 30th week," Williams said. "… And there was no medical purpose; it was all for profit. He made about $1.8 million in a calendar year."

The grand jury report indicates that panelists were enraged with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Williams said.

"There is more oversight over women's hair salons than over abortion clinics," he said. "His hadn't been inspected since 1993. He didn't have the appropriate emergency equipment. That's why women died there. He ruptured uteruses and intestines of women. He didn't … give women oxygen if they needed it or checked their heart or pulse."

Gosnell got his license in 1979. There was another doctor who was board-certified and a consultant but hadn't been there since the 1980s, Williams said.

The grand jury and the judge in the case actually went to the clinic wearing hazardous materials suits. Williams said the judge didn't even let the jurors go into the basement, where the majority of the medical waste was found.

Last February, Fox 29 News had a chance to sit down with Gosnell. During that interview, it seemed as though the doctor didn't feel he did anything wrong.

When Fox 29's Mike Jerrick said Thursday that the doctor's demeanor was pleasant and he seems insane, Williams replied, "Well, I mean, that's not even an issue that I have to come to."

"I think what he did was criminal, and he's being charged with eight counts of murder," Williams said.

"There's most likely thousands of children that met their demise at the hands of this doctor and his staff, but I can only proceed with credible evidence," he said. "The grand jury found that there was enough evidence in the medical examiner's report … for us to charge him with homicide of eight."

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