Thursday, January 20, 2011

Media in America - Sound bytes of Truth - Fighting Back Against the Media


What do movie star Richard Dreyfuss and tennis star Kim Clijsters have in common? Both have made very subtle yet powerful statements in the last 24 hours showing how ridiculous the American media has become in their efforts to censure and trivialize the news.

In the Austrian Open tennis tournament underway last night Kim was interviewed by sports commentator Todd Woodbridge when she turned the interview into questioning the reporter about text comments he made to another tennis star saying, well, listen to what happened yourself.  Double click to enlarge video.

As for the distinguished actor Dreyfuss, a self-acknowledged liberal, he appeared on Fox News this morning to explain his new effort to teach America's youth the meaning and need for civility. His new program could make a difference in school as the goal is to increase patriotism in our much distracted youth.

Just as he was beginning to discuss the details of how the program works, he was interrupted by the Fox announcers saying his time had expired and they had to cut to another story. Richard calmly said that was another reason the country is in trouble, to which the announcer said we promised you four minutes.

Dreyfuss was making a point I mention often, the pandering of the media to the MTV model that the people of America lose interest in stories that run over three minutes, about the length of a new song on the radio. Now how in the hell can someone explain the problems with youth, the problems with our education system, and how this program can help address the problems in less than four minutes?

Why do the media think no story is worth more than 3-4 minutes? Media market researchers have sold our news media on the concept that we have no interest in meaningful stories nor in depth reports on such stories. I believe the American public is hungry for real news, not sound bytes, and cares what is happening in the world.

All news on mainstream and cable media use his strategy unless there is a reality element to the story such as the Chilean miners story or the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in Tucson. Perhaps it is the media and their bean counters who are responsible for the loss of interest and trust in the news because the people know we are being shortchanged.

What is the point of giving Constitutional protection to the media when they don't have time to report the news?

Well I thought we could learn a lot more from Dreyfuss and his program so here is an interview he gave explaining the program in more detail.  Double click to enlarge video.

Richard Dreyfuss on Civics


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