Friday, January 07, 2011

Obama Myths - Why do they persist? America's Most Famous Undocumented Worker?


After two years of being president you would think people would stop believing he is not eligible to be president yet as recently as yesterday the first ever reading of the Constitution by the new House of Representatives was disrupted by protestors shouting out that Obama was not an American born president. Up to 25% of Americans still wonder if Obama was born in America.

Why in the world are there questions after two years in office?

First of all there is no doubt his mother was American and his father was not. The fact she was just 16 at the time he was born makes records difficult to assess. His father was from Kenya. Obama spent four years living in Indonesia. Still that does not disqualify him from being a naturalized US citizen.

What is confusing is that the State of Hawaii has been reluctant to make available his birth certificate. Why is that confusing to some? Because there is an alternate birth certificate from Kenya with allegedly official verification from the Kenya government circulating on the Internet.

In fact, there is far more unofficial verification that he was actually born in Kenya than records of being born in Hawaii yet the Hawaii birth certificate states he was born in Hawaii. It would seem the media, FBI or Congress would have investigated this matter thoroughly if there was any doubt as to his eligibility to be president but stranger things have happened recently.

This story presents are all the alleged documents I could find relating to this matter. Is there evidence that Obama was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii? Which birth certificate is right, the Kenya or Hawaii certificate? If these documents were reviewed by the government, media or any reliable body what was their final conclusion? Even if he really was born in Kenya does that make him ineligible to be president? Remember, his opponent John McCain was born in Panama to US military parents.

Once and for all this persistent myth should be debunked so it is not a background issue in the upcoming 2012 elections. We have more than enough valid issues facing us in the elections and should not be caught up in speculation. What do you think?

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