Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why are People Shouting To Be Heard at Health Care Forums?


The Democrats and the Obama gang are going to great pains to paint a picture of organized disruption of the Congressional Health Care forums around the nation during the current Congressional recess. Is it any surprise this could happen?

These are the same Democrats and Obama gang that slammed a sham of a trillion dollar stimulus bill down our throats with no effort to get Republican or public input. The same gang that slammed bank, insurance and auto bailouts for another trillion dollars down our throats with no Republican or public input.

They are now trying to slam a health care reform that no one has read and can't be understood down our throats with a hidden cost of a trillion more with no Republican input and they even tried to force it through Congress again with no public influence.

However Congress, even though under the ironclad control of the Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid Democratic triumvirate for the first time dared to buck the leadership strong arm tactics and refused to pass a bill without public influence and now the public is finally being heard.

People are mad, damn mad about the bankruptcy of America underway and about the misrepresentation of the intent of Obama initiatives like the stimulus and bailouts along with the billion dollar bonuses also approved by the Obama administration.

Health care legislation does not address one of the most ridiculous runaway costs, the cost of lawyers in pursuing claims against doctors and hospitals which has driven required insurance costs through the ceiling. Obama says leave the lawyers and their million dollar fees alone even while attacking other costs in the industry.

No surprise here as he previously substantially increased the cost of the stimulus public works projects by requiring union wages be paid and has done everything to extend the influence of unions throughout our economy, even where states have flatly rejected the union influence with right-to-work laws. It will prove to be one of the most expensive pork barrel expenditures of the Obama liberal agenda.

There is no conspiracy to disrupt Congressional town halls. Democrats in Congress have ignored the public and have no intention of pursuing bi-partisan work on the legislative agenda and people are letting them know that maybe our Congressmen and women are the problem, not the solution.

Many Obama supporters have realized the Obama promise and the Obama reality are two different things and the thugs in his Administration using White House power to threaten any politicians that do not support them are nothing more than bullies using the White House for a pulpit.

The first chance the public has had to be heard on the liberal, some say socialist agenda of Obama and the first chance they have had to demand explanations and answers from their own elected Congressmen has stunned the Democrats but how stupid is that? All they had to do is watch the collapse of the Obama and Congress poll ratings over the past few months and listen to the thundering herd of dissent over broken promises and failed trillion dollar solutions.

People want them to slow down and get it right this time but slowing down and getting it right will mean the liberal agenda and public takeover of health care will be fully exposed and that is something Obama and Pelosi cannot allow to happen.

If the Democrats and the Republicans would both shut up and let the public be heard for the first time. If our elected representatives would ask the people they were elected to represent what they want before they slam something down our throats. And if the people in Washington would figure out they are our employees, that is our White House and Capitol, those are our laws not theirs being debated and that is our money not theirs being squandered, then maybe some sense would return to Washington.

If not then throw the whole damn bunch out because they were not sent to our nation's capitol to tell us what to do but to do what we want. Instead of complaining that the public is mad just shut up and listen for a change.

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