Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Wrap Up - Obama and The Economy - What About the Forgotten Americans?


Nothing has really changed. Money owns Wall Street, money owns the news media and money owns our politicians. Perhaps the public is finally figuring that out. The crooks are in control like they have been for the past couple of centuries and the noose around individual freedom has continued to tighten. Money should support our system, not control it, because money has no loyalty to a people or to a cause, just an insatiable obsession with acquiring more.

After years of Wall Street greed in which both political parties were willing beneficiaries and Republicans and Democrats failed to protect us nothing has changed. The same mindset that figured out how to circumvent whatever feeble attempts by the federal government to regulate the money managers remains alive and well in the Obama regime.

No one has moved to eliminate the opportunity for market manipulation nor even the hideous practices with futures, swaps, programmed buying and selling and the maze of other techniques brought about by the darkest financial minds in America to squeeze every last cent of profit out of our system with no regard for the consequences on people.

Money has no geographic borders. The whole world tried to cash in on Wall Street greed by buying into the sub-prime mortgage market and oil price speculation brought to you by the folks at Goldman Sachs, AIG, CitiGroup and others. The whole world lost a fortune betting on immoral practices.

The media covered up these practices that began with Clinton and now have impacted on three presidents because the media is even more dependent than politicians on the profits of greed, money, in the form of advertising. Now the media is hurting and until the media is destroyed in its present form it will continue bleeding to death because it no longer serves a useful service to the money changers.

When advertisers pumped money into television and news media wrote good things about the advertisers everyone was happy. Then the bubble burst. Now the money is drying up as the greed mongers destroyed the credibility of our news media just as they had destroyed the credibility of our politicians by getting them addicted to the money.

After the crash on Wall Street last year people stopped investing. The media and politicians immediately said to start spending our way out of the recession. How stupid when spending was what got us into the recession. When we stop spending, start saving, and stop our obsession with owning things that have no impact on our quality of life nor morality, we might have a ray of hope for the future.

In Asia every person consumes two barrels of oil per year while in America every person consumes twenty-six barrels of oil per year. At the end of the day the people of Asia are the ones financing our addiction to greed by buying American bonds that we cannot afford so we can continue our growth by increasing our deficit.

What is the point of fixing a system that does not serve the American people, whether a political or a financial system? One that is throwing billions and trillions of hard earned American dollars down an endless pit into the arms of the very people we are trying to stop. You cannot cure cancer by feeding it and you cannot cure corruption by feeding it, you cure them by eradicating it. End the practices that do not serve the greater good of the country and you will clean up the mess in America. If you are Obama, the place to start is in the White House and Congress where the manipulation of America was planned and executed and where it remains alive and well today.

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