Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Clinton Returns with Gore Girl Journalists - at what price to Foreign Relations?


Bill Clinton did what Bill Clinton does best and that is make a mad dash around the globe to share his popularity with foreign heads of state desperately in need of character rehabilitation. This time it was North Korea, the nuclear saber rattler of Asia and most radical Communist country on earth.

While the White House tried to play coy denying involvement in the "private mission" to bring about the release of the arrant journalists who just happened to accidentally wander across the most secure border in existence, North Korea reported a far more active role for President Obama and his gang.

Reports from North Korea say Clinton and North Korean leader Kim Jong il spent three hours discussing Korean and US relations, the nuclear issue and other concerns of the Communists. It also said Clinton delivered a message from Obama and that Clinton also apologized profusely for the illegal acts and the intent of the two journalists to smear the Communists. Stay tuned to see if the White House or North Koreans are lying.

From the outset of the capture of the journalists it was obvious Obama was going to have to pay a lot to secure their release. For years all contact with North Korea has been through third parties and any meetings with them has been with Russia, China, Japan and South Korea present.

North Korea has demanded one-on-one discussions with the USA for a long time to increase their credibility with the world and to increase their propaganda at home by showing that the superpower America had to come to them for concessions. The involvement of the other Asian countries was a way to avoid being used for propaganda gain.

With the United States dependent on the other Asian countries for our financial survival and having already done some pretty stupid things to increase friction with Russia and China in particular, the end run by North Korea to achieve direct negotiations with the USA, and for the first time a visit by an American President, was a propaganda windfall.

If Obama was acting behind the scenes and his actions cut our allies in Asia out of the process of controlling relations with North Korea we are going to pay a price far beyond belief for violating the honor and trust with our partners.

Obama's historic deficit spending machine is dependent on selling bonds to advance the liberal agenda and the largest bond buyers in the world are China, Russia and Japan. When the record becomes clear on how this trip came about and what Clinton actually said to the North Koreans we may have further strained relations with our most powerful trading partners.

Obama Press Secretary Gibbs denied any involvement by the White House and even said Obama had not talked to Clinton since last March. Of course the media forgot to ask him if Obama talked to Gore since then but since Gore has been DC pushing for the Obama "cap and trade" legislation that will make Gore and his Goldman Sachs partner billionaires one can assume they have talked.

Since his election Obama has been a failure on all his international efforts from joint economic stimulus to sanctions against Iran and North Korea. His promise of a new era of world cooperation has fallen on deaf ears around the world and his rapidly plunging poll numbers on domestic issues means the Obama gang is in desperate need of some positive news. The Gore girls in Korea provided a dramatic platform to divert media and public attention from the massive stimulus failure, deficit rise and empty promises that will result in a middle class tax increase.

While we congratulate Clinton on his success, and you can bet the success was guaranteed before he ever got on a plane to go to North Korea, we hope our liberal media will uncover all the background on the trip and the role of Obama and most important on whether this political stunt might damage our foreign relations. Oh yes, and what might have been promised to North Korea concerning the nuclear issues.

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